AAOS Chief Executive Officer Karen L. Hackett, FACHE, CAE


Published 4/1/2009

Knowing member needs—and delivering on them

Measure membership value by programs, says Academy CEO

Is managing a physician organization like the AAOS really like herding cats? Actually, there’s not a lot of difference, AAOS Chief Executive Officer Karen L. Hackett, FACHE, CAE, told the fellowship during her report at the 2009 Annual Meeting—especially if you know what cats—or orthopaedic surgeons—like.

The key is delivering value by learning what members need and developing programs, products, and services that meet those needs.

“You have told us your needs: advocacy and representation, high quality education programs, clinical practice guidelines, programs to enhance your image, and, of course, all at the most reasonable cost,” she said. Ms. Hackett then outlined how the Academy has responded to those needs.

Advocacy and representation
“From our presence on Capitol Hill to the halls of regulatory agencies, your Association is there to represent the specialty and advocate on the issues important to orthopaedic surgery and to your patients,” she said. In addition, the Academy is also expanding efforts to bring legislative expertise to the state level.

“No, we haven’t won every battle,” admitted Ms. Hackett, “but we have eased your pain and minimized your losses in a tough, belt-tightening economy.”

Ms. Hackett pointed to the more than 1,800 educational sessions available during the Annual Meeting as an example of the Academy’s educational efforts. She also highlighted the special programming on industry relationships and the many online products and informational services designed to keep fellows up to date on the latest developments in orthopaedics.

“Your Academy offers an amazing array of tools to assist you in your daily practice,” she concluded.

Additional services
In the area of clinical practice guidelines and technology overviews, Ms. Hackett noted that four clinical practice guidelines have been prepared and 10 more are in process. Additionally, two technology overviews have been completed, with three additional technology overviews scheduled for release in 2009.

She also pointed to the Academy’s aggressive media relations program and public service announcements as part of the efforts to enhance the image of orthopaedic surgeons.

Delivering value
“Value comes from spending your dues dollars on programs that enhance your practice, advance your specialty, and ensure the highest quality of patient care,” said Ms. Hackett. “The Academy is careful and works very hard to save you money.” Free Annual Meeting preregistration; member discounts on courses, products, and publications; and a stable dues structure were among the benefits she listed.

“As your CEO, I can attest to the value you get, not only for your dues dollars, but from each member of our professional staff,” said Ms. Hackett. “Our 240 extraordinary staff bring you more than 2,000 years of Academy experience. The AAOS is professionally stable and financially solvent.”

In closing, she expressed her thanks for the opportunity to serve. “You are,” she told the audience, “a wonderful, dedicated group of professionals who continues to be a pleasure to work with.”

What does your AAOS membership mean to you?
Do you consider your membership in the AAOS a good value? Well, consider the return you get on your annual dues investment. Weigh your dues dollars against the benefits you receive—many of them “priceless”—and see how valuable your membership is.

  • Complimentary advance registration and guaranteed housing blocks at the Annual Meeting (AAOS is one of only a few medical associations that does not charge both dues and meeting registration.)
  • Access to the leaders in orthopaedics—educators, advocates, researchers, and clinicians—and the fruits of their labors as volunteers, such as practice management support, clinical practice guidelines, and patient education materials
  • “One-stop shopping” at the Annual Meeting’s technical exhibits, where you can view the latest in orthopaedic products and services
  • A voice on Capitol Hill, with trained staff representing your viewpoints and educating national leaders on the issues important to you
  • Special discounts on hundreds of products, ranging from surgical videos, monographs, and instructional course lectures to orthopaedic updates and self-assessment exams
  • Complimentary subscriptions to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, the Journal of the AAOS, and AAOS Now
  • Free resources from areas as diverse as public relations, practice management, and information technology—including assistance in setting up your own free practice Web site.

With these benefits and more, your membership dues are a bargain value—your AAOS membership, priceless.