Published 8/1/2009
Jim Ogle

Build a Web site for your group

If your group doesn’t have an Internet presence, the new AAOS group practice templates make it easier than ever for you to establish one. Recently, based on feedback from members, these templates have been significantly improved and enhanced. They look better and they’re easier to create and maintain.

What’s changed…what’s new
You can now choose from eight different “looks” for your site. Switching between templates is easy, and the new templates correctly display page content in various Web browsers as well as on mobile devices such as iPhones. System setup and maintenance screens are simpler and more intuitive. A “wizard” leads you through the process of developing and then enhancing your site.

You can change headings and navigation tags to reflect your practice. International members can use their native language for headings and navigation. If you have a custom domain name (URL), the new system allows you to point this address to your AAOS group practice Web site.

Graphics have been upgraded, and you can add short video clips to the site. Google® maps have been added, pinpointing your office locations. A new section even allows you to create an image gallery.

You can also link to any of the content on orthoinfo.org, the Academy’s patient education Web site. When patients print the linked articles, your practice contact information appears automatically at the top of the document.

These improvements make it even easier to place your practice on the Internet. Just point your browser to www.aaos.org/OrthoDoc to log into the maintenance screens. You’ll be joining more than 500 practices already using this convenient member benefit. If you need help or require assistance, e-mail Pam Butenshen or call (847) 384-4282.

Jim Ogle is AAOS director of information and member services. He can be reached at ogle@aaos.org