Published 12/1/2009
Frank B. Kelly, MD

AAOS launches online video library

Interactive channel tells orthopaedic stories

In early November 2009, the AAOS public relations department, with the guidance of the AAOS Communications Cabinet, launched an online video library. This archive enables the AAOS to share stories of orthopaedic care—and caring orthopaedists—with the media and the public through an interactive audiovisual channel on the AAOS Web site.

According to a recent survey, 15 percent of journalists seek access to transferable video for their online stories. In addition, the public is more readily engaged with audio and video links. Because the Internet continues to be a primary source of information for the media and the public, creative strategies and easy-to-use-and-share content are an excellent way to engage these audiences.

Easy access, accurateinformation
Hosted in the AAOS online news bureau, the video library features current and previous public service announcements, videos from each playground build, and interviews with Academy members. Viewers can watch instantly, download the files, or easily transfer the player to their own site or blog.

The videos provide an additional information source for the media by supplementing press releases and supplying multimedia material. Some videos feature Academy members discussing hot topics such as commuter and travel safety or how to avoid hand and wrist injury.

Highlights of the video library include the following:

  • Footage from past public service projects—including community-focused projects such as the playground build
  • Award ceremonies, including presentations to Humanitarian, Diversity, and Tipton Leadership Award winners
  • Video public service announcements, including the popular and award-winning campaigns featuring Joan Rivers, the “Grim Reaper,” and “Osteophyte,” which offer information and reminders about musculoskeletal health
  • Quick and easy access to video elements that journalists and bloggers can use for online news creation and consumption

Visit often to see updates
Interviews with Academy spokespeople will be added to the site on a regular basis, enabling the AAOS to provide additional information on topics in the news and/or seasonal injury prevention tips. Additional videos in other categories will also be added.

Categorized by topic, the video library is an easy-to-search resource with great long-term archiving potential, serving as an electronic historical review of the Academy’s messages and priorities.

To learn more, go to newsroom.aaos.org/ and click on “video library” in the left-hand side navigation bar.

The public relations staff welcomes your ideas on additional content; simply e-mail media@aaos.org

We also encourage you to link your own practice’s Web site to the video library. Your patients will enjoy and learn from the videos.