Published 12/1/2009

LFP class of 2010-2011

Selected by the Leadership Development Committee, the Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) class of 2010–2011 consists of 10 new LFP Fellows chosen from 55 applicants.

Established in December 2001, the LFP is a 1-year program that identifies future leaders and prepares them to assume roles of responsibility within AAOS. The LFP combines didactic leadership training with an ongoing mentoring program that matches the participants with an established leader within the orthopaedic community. As advisor and confidant to the LFP fellow, the mentor fosters a close professional and personal relationship that continues throughout the fellowship year and beyond.

Participating in the program provides many benefits for fellows, including involvement in educational programs to enhance leadership skills and learning how the AAOS is organized and functions.

The 2010–2011 LFP class will hold their orientation during the Annual Meeting in March 2010 in New Orleans.

LFP Class of 2010–2011

Taizoon H. Baxamusa, MD
K. William Kumler III, MD
Arabella I. Leet, MD
Patricia Lee McKay, MD
Laura Phieffer, MD
Matthew T. Provencher, MD
Walter Stanwood, MD
Robert S. Sterling, MD
Julie A. Switzer, MD
Nirmal C. Tejwani, MD

Peter J. Stern, MD
David A. Halsey, MD
Michele M. Zembo, MD
James H. Herndon, MD
Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD
Richard H. Gross, MD
E. Anthony Rankin, MD
Roby C. Thompson Jr., MD
Kristy L. Weber, MD
Mitchel B. Harris, MD