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(From left) BOC Chair Thomas C. Barber, MD; IOS Executive Director Patricia Price; BOC Executive Committee Member Charles N. Hubbard, MD; and AAOS President Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD Photo
courtesy of Robert L. Knudson


Published 7/1/2009
Nick Piatek

Indiana’s executive director wins award

Patricia Price is “indispensible”

With more than 30 years of experience in the orthopaedic industry and 14 years as the executive director of the Indiana Orthopaedic Society (IOS), Patricia “Pat” Price is “indispensible,” according to Stephen F. Mitros, MD, past president of the IOS. During the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference (NOLC), Ms. Price was honored for her years of leadership and achievements with the “Executive Director of the Year Award.”

Her efforts have improved the financial standing of the society, increased membership, and heightened the profile of orthopaedic surgeons in the region. During her tenure at the IOS, Ms. Price has balanced the society’s budget each year and overseen steady financial growth.

Ms. Price has also worked to ensure the society’s intellectual future. In 2008, she initiated a program to enable an orthopaedic resident to attend the NOLC, to encourage young leaders to be informed and educated.

In recommending Ms. Price for the award, Dr. Mitros said, “It is really Pat, through her prioritizing, who steers our society year after year.”

Visibility high, future rosy
By creating the Indiana Orthopaedic Foundation and Indiana Orthopaedic Society Political Action Committee, Ms. Price has greatly enhanced the ability of the IOS to influence healthcare policy in the state.

She was also successful in encouraging the governor and legislature of Indiana to recognize the Bone and Joint Decade. This increased public awareness of the orthopaedic community’s efforts toward improving the quality of care and advancing the understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Although Indiana’s favorable tort reform measures have improved the ability of physicians to practice, “this makes Pat’s job harder,” said Eric A. Monesmith, MD, a past president of the IOS. “It would be easy for a state society to become dysfunctional and apathetic to its constituents. Pat works hard to make sure that does not happen.”

Her management has enabled the IOS to fund special events and organizations such as the Special Olympics, Indiana University Alumni’s “Operation Education,” and an orthopaedic resident mission to Kenya. In addition to increasing the visibility of the IOS in the community, these activities give members another way to contribute to the society.

In partnership with RX Indiana, a public-private collaboration designed to make prescription medication available for no cost or at reduced cost to residents in need, Ms. Price and the IOS help to provide more than 1,400 medications for free or at a reduced price through more than 275 programs.

Hard work has rewards
“Pat has truly made herself indispensible to our society. I can’t imagine anyone working harder or being more deserving,” Dr. Mitros said.

In addition to serving as executive director of the IOS, Ms. Price is the executive director of the Wisconsin Orthopaedic Society and the Neurosurgical Society of Indiana.

Nick Piatek is the communications specialist in the AAOS office of government relations. He can be reached at piatek@aaos.org