Published 6/1/2009

USBJD seeks Young Investigators

Apply now for USBJD Grant Mentoring Program

The United States Bone and Joint Decade (USBJD) is looking for early-career clinical investigators. Under the USBJD grant mentoring program, young investigators have the opportunity to work with experienced researchers in the musculoskeletal field. They also receive assistance in securing funding and developing other survival skills required for pursuing an academic career.

The program is open to promising junior faculty, senior fellows, or postdoctoral researchers nominated by their department or division chairs. It is also open to senior fellows or residents who are doing research and have a faculty appointment in place or confirmed. Basic and clinical investigators, without or with training awards (including K awards), are invited to apply.

Investigators selected to take part in the program attend two workshops, 12 months apart, and work with faculty between workshops to develop their grant applications. The next workshop is scheduled to take place Nov. 6–8, 2009, in Toronto. The unique aspect of this program is the opportunity for attendees to maintain a relationship with their mentors until their applications are funded.

The USBJD and Bone and Joint Decade Canada are dedicated to increasing research of musculoskeletal diseases. The deadline to apply is July 15, 2009. For more information and an application, visit www.usbjd.org/rd/?yii