AAOS President Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, poses with MORE Award winners: (from left) Laura Krantz, accepting for Richard Gonzales; Alexa James; Bill Hughes; Sgt. Evan Cole; Walter Eisner; Kevin Monahan; Paul Scott; Katie Hobson; and Peter Moore.


Published 6/1/2009

AAOS recognizes MORE award winners

Media competition honors journalists for orthopaedic-related coverage

In conjunction with the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference, the AAOS announced awards to 16 journalists in 9 different categories for Media Orthopaedic Reporting Excellence (MORE).

“Educating patients and the public is an important element of the Academy’s mission; the MORE Awards are designed to recognize journalists whose work helps accomplish this,” explained AAOS President Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD. “The MORE Awards were created to identify members of the media who—by virtue of their talent to ask the right questions and connect all the answers in a concise educational story—place musculoskeletal-related issues and orthopaedic advancements in the spotlight.”

The 2009 winners represent print, broadcast, and online outlets and include health and medical writers, producers, and reporters. Each submission was evaluated by the Public Relations Oversight Group (PROG), the Communications Cabinet, and the AAOS Board of Directors for its overall quality, accuracy, and success in promoting greater awareness of musculoskeletal health issues as well as the field of orthopaedics.

Award winners
Following are the 2009 MORE Awards winners by category:

  • Consumer Print Journalism—National Newspaper: Phil Galewitz, freelance writer for USA Today, “It’s All Downhill for Fit Skiers”
  • Consumer Print Journalism—National Magazine: Patty Hagen, freelance writer for Saturday Evening Post, “Thawing Out Frozen Shoulder”; Robert Langreth, Forbes, “Back Pain: What Works”; Paul Scott, freelance writer for Men’s Health, “You’re Sitting on a Time Bomb”; Cassandra Willyard, Nature Medicine, “A Sporting Chance”
  • Consumer Print Journalism—Local Magazine: Toni Rocha, freelance writer for Northwest Quarterly, “Life and Limb Decisions: The How, When and Why of Joint Replacement Surgery”
  • Consumer Print Journalism—Internet: Serena Gordon, HealthDay.com, “Scoliosis: An Unnatural Curve”; Katherine Hobson, USNews.com,, “Runners, Listen to Your Knees”
  • Consumer Print Journalism—Local Newspaper: Carol Ann Campbell, New Jersey Star Ledger, “Saving the Knees and the Careers of Female Athletes”; Alexa James, New York Times Herald-Record, “The Wounds of War: Battle Injuries Bring Medical Advances to Everyone”
  • Consumer Print Journalism—Advocacy: Walter Eisner, OrthopedicsThisWeek.com, “Avoiding the Perp Walk, or How to Keep the Justice Department from Knocking on Your Door”
  • Broadcast Journalism—National Radio: Richard Gonzales, NPR Radio, “Father Enlists to Honor Fallen Son”
  • Broadcast Journalism—National Television: Robert Bazell and Kevin Monahan, NBC News, “Wounds of War”
  • Broadcast Journalism—Local Television: Karen Meyer, WLS-TV, Chicago, “eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopaedics in Art”; Sara Morawski and Frank McGeorge, WDIV-TV, Detroit, “Weak in the Knees: Preventing and Treating the ACL”; Sharon Navratil and John Fowler, KTVU-TV, Oakland, Calif., “Female Knee”

Special Award
The AAOS also presented an “Award of Special Recognition” to Army SGT Evan Cole, who was featured in “Wounds of War,” which won the MORE award for broadcast journalism—national television. Sgt. Cole was severely injured in Iraq and treated by AAOS fellow, COL Mark Richardson. The two had not seen each other since Dr. Richardson assessed Sgt. Cole’s wounds. Since then, Sgt. Cole has been undergoing treatment at Walter Reed and has had more than 20 surgeries to restore mobility and function to his injured extremities.

The audience gave Sgt. Cole a standing ovation as he accepted the award. Dr. Zuckerman said, “Sgt. Cole’s commitment to bravery and service to our country, on both the battle field and the recovery field, is what makes him so deserving of this award.

Dr. Richardson is an outstanding example of what orthopaedic surgeons strive to do for every one of our patients…heal and bring back quality to their lives.”

More information
This is the program’s fourth year and honors media efforts that further public understanding of musculoskeletal health-related issues and encourage healthy behaviors in the care of bones, joints, muscles and tendons.

The PROG encourages all AAOS Fellows to share orthopaedic stories that appear in radio, television, or print in their local markets with the public relations department. The MORE Award competition is open to all journalists, freelance writers, and editors in print, broadcast, or online media.

Read more information on how to enter the 2010 MORE Awards.