The new design for the “Yellow Journal” brings JAAOS into step with the Academy’s unifying branding program, instituted 2 years ago and already evident in other Academy products. The bold red swash immediately identifies JAAOS as an AAOS publication. Inside, the theme continues with improved headers to distinguish each type of article, such as an editorial or a review article, as well as attractive new figure and table layouts.


Published 3/1/2003
David C. Smith

“Yellow Journal” gets new look

JAAOS facelift echoes AAOS brand

Gone is the hard-edged, formal visage, Greek-and-laurel seal, and subdued colors. Instead, the cover of the February 2009 issue of the Journal of the AAOS (JAAOS) features the Academy’s new logo; swirls of bright yellow, red, and white; and type that fairly pops off the page.

“Implementing a cohesive approach to design across all of our products strengthens recognition of AAOS and the range of our members’ expertise in musculoskeletal health,” said Mark Wieting, chief education officer, who led the original branding efforts. Brierton Design—which also developed designs for AAOS Now, Orthopaedic Knowledge Update, and the new Comprehensive Orthopaedic Board Review —is responsible for the new look.

The Academy’s brand management program has been expanding to encompass all facets of AAOS activities. “Previously, we had too many subbrands vying for attention. Individually, each had a strong identity that needed to be subordinated to the Academy’s overall brand. With the new look, all of the products and services we provide to our members are conceptually unified under one Academy branding umbrella,” said Lewis Jenkins, the Academy’s director of marketing.

So far, the new look has been attracting a lot of attention. “It’s fresher,” said Jeffrey S. Fischgrund, MD, the new editor-in-chief of JAAOS.

And it is now very clearly part of the Academy’s family of educational resources.

David C. Smith is managing editor of the Journal of the AAOS. He can be reached at