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Published 11/1/2009
Maureen Leahy

Enhancing resident education with AAOS Webinars

UW takes a new approach to guest lectures

Imagine being able to watch technical demonstrations from Academy courses, participate in online polling, and ask questions in real time—directly from your home or office computer without traveling to course locations. That’s the advantage of Webinars—online courses that bring you the best in orthopaedic education from the AAOS at your convenience, saving you travel and time.

Recently, the AAOS Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses Committee developed a special offer for residency programs that enables them to take advantage of Academy Webinars.

“Our committee is working on several innovations for CME courses. This special offer for residency programs helps us demonstrate the value of Academy membership to future members, while simultaneously supporting resident education,” according to Gerald R. Williams Jr., MD, committee chair.

Customized education
Enrollment in the AAOS Webinar Series special residency program entitles residents to access to any or all of the online Webinars and provides them with brief reading materials in advance of each event. Residents unable to view an event live can access the archived Webinars for 90 days following the initial broadcast. In addition, paid registrants can also purchase Webinars on DVD for future reference.

The University of Wisconsin (UW) is capitalizing on these unique benefits and customizing the Webinar programs to fit their particular residency program needs.

“We are using the Webinars to supplement our orthopaedic residency’s didactic program,” said Kenneth J. Noonan, MD, associate professor of orthopaedic surgery and a member of the AAOS CME Courses Committee.

The residency program uses one Webinar per quarter—four per year. Each Webinar is “hosted” by a faculty member who has previewed the video and edited it to fit into a 90-minute slot. For example, the Webinar’s original question-and-answer section may be eliminated to allow time for relevant onsite questions. Because the Webinars provide CME credits, local orthopaedists often attend the sessions as well.

“Our whole department watches the Webinar together. At the end of the viewing, the faculty host is available to answer questions or help interpret the content. We find that, for our program, providing commentary and giving a local perspective adds to the Webinar’s value,” said Dr. Noonan.

Dr. Noonan also appreciates that the Webinars provide very high quality for very little cost.

“The cost of bringing in outside speakers four times a year would be prohibitive,” he said. “Also, having local orthopaedists in attendance gives our program a slightly higher profile.”

What else does the UW like about the AAOS Webinar Series residency program?

“The Webinars provide an excellent educational opportunity that complements and adds variety to our didactic program. We like that they include technique videos and how-to sessions,” said Dr. Noonan. “The Webinars are outstanding enduring educational products that can be put on the shelf for residents to review at their leisure using our residents’ video library,” he added.

The UW plans to evaluate use of the Webinars as part of their residency program on a yearly basis, but so far they have received high marks, thanks in part to the novel way the program has incorporated them into its standard educational curriculum.

“I think every residency department should use these Webinars; they are a tremendous resource,” said Dr. Noonan.

For more information about the AAOS Webinar Series special residency program, contact AAOS customer service at (800)-626-6726.

Maureen Leahy is assistant managing editor of AAOS Now. She can be reached at leahy@aaos.org

2009–2010 Webinar Schedule
Webinars are archived and accessible for 90 days after the initial presentation and are available for purchase on DVD. Webinar participants/series subscribers pay an additional $6.00 plus shipping and handling for each DVD. For upcoming Webinars, register at

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