Published 11/1/2009
Marty Krawczyk

Teaching residents system-based practices

Now it is easier than ever for orthopaedic residency programs to fulfill the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirement for systems-based practice (SBP), while residents learn important practice management concepts and skills.

The Resident Practice Management Lecture Series (RPMLS) includes eight audio-slide lectures presented by orthopaedic surgeons, practice management consultants, and Academy staff experts in orthopaedic practice management. Each 20- to 30-minute lecture focuses on a specific topic designed to fulfill SBP requirements. Additional lectures will be added each year with topics selected by the AAOS Practice Management Committee.

RPMLS is a convenient way to teach residents the topics that define system-based practice:

  • Tools and techniques for allocating practice resources
  • Understanding financing and insurance structures
  • Practice financials
  • Evaluating risks and benefits of costly prescribing
  • Patient safety
  • Health system resources
  • Error reduction strategies

For example, under the first content domain (maximizing current and future practice revenues), lectures include “How Reimbursement Works: A Practical Guide for Orthopaedic Surgeons Starting in Practice” by Karen Zupko and “Introduction to Current Procedure Terminology and International Classification of Diseases–9 Coding” with Blair C. Filler, MD.

Other lectures in the initial series include the following: “Understanding Financial Statements” by William R. Creevy, MD, MBA; Relative Value Units (RVUs): What They Are and Why They Matter” by Matthew Twetten, AAOS senior policy analyst; “Ethical Considerations in Orthopaedic Surgery” with James D. Capozzi, MD; and “Effective Human Resource Management” with Steven E. Fisher, MBA, AAOS manager of practice management affairs.

Give residents the practice management knowledge they need—with content you can trust. Residency programs can subscribe annually and have ongoing access to the original eight lectures and to new lectures added each year beginning in the fall of 2010. Individuals may also purchase the series.

Subscription pricing for residency programs is staggered, depending on the number of residents in the program; initial fees range from $275 to $575. The annual subscription for individual purchasers (AAOS members or resident members only) is just $99. No continuing medical education credits are offered for this program.

For a complete listing of programs and to order, contact AAOS customer service at (800) 626-6726, e-mail custserv@aaos.org, or go online: www.aaos.org/rpmls

Marty Krawczyk is a practice management program coordinator; she can be reached at krawczyk@aaos.org