Published 8/1/2010
Richard N. Peterson, JD

Fellows elect 2011 Nominating Committee

The members of the 2011 AAOS Nominating Committee have been identified. As a result of the recent election, six members have been named to the 2011 Nominating Committee; the chair was appointed by the AAOS Board of Directors at its meeting in June.

The 2011 Nominating Committee members are as follows:

James H. Beaty, MD (Tenn.), Chair
Louis U. Bigliani, MD
Freddie H. Fu, MD
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
Frank B. Kelly, MD
Felix (Buddy) H. Savoie III, MD
Laura L. Tosi, MD
(Washington, D.C.)

Robert N. Hensinger, MD (Mich.) was elected as the alternate member of the committee. Of the 22,204 active, inactive, and emeritus fellows eligible to vote, 5,591 (25 percent) cast valid ballots.

Pursuant to bylaw amendments adopted by the fellowship in 2010, the 2011 Nominating Committee will present its slate of nominees to the fellowship 120 days prior to the 2011 Annual Meeting. By October 20, 2010, the 2011 Nominating Committee will present a slate of candidates for the following positions:

  • Second Vice President
  • Treasurer-Elect
  • Board member-at-large (no age designation)
  • Board member-at-large (younger than age 45 as of February 17, 2011)
  • Member, AAOS National Membership Committee

The 2011 Nominating Committee is actively soliciting member suggestions for individuals who might serve in these positions. Recommendations, along with a paragraph on the candidate and why you believe he or she is uniquely qualified for the position, should be sent to James H. Beaty, MD, Chair, 2011 Nominating Committee, c/o AAOS Office of General Counsel, 6300 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018-4202.