Published 12/1/2010
Heidi Schmalz

Get to know “My Account” page

Improved member portal presents multiple options

In July, the AAOS upgraded the internal computer systems that manage the Academy’s business operations. Concurrently, it also improved the electronic commerce portion of the AAOS Web site. One of the most significant changes was to replace the My Profile feature with a new, more robust member portal—My Account.

Accessing the My Account page requires you to log in to the AAOS Web site, using your username (AAOS member identification number without any leading zeros) and password. The new My Account page enables you to manage your mailing addresses, communication methods, membership information, meetings, and subscriptions. It also includes a number of other features.

Contact flexibility
With My Addresses, you can now create and store several addresses in your contact information. For example, you can designate an address as home or office, specify which address should be your primary address, and make address changes whenever needed. Note that your contact information now requires a current e-mail address, which you can enter in the My Communication Methods section.

My Communication Methods allows you to store the following information:

  • telephone numbers, including cell (mobile) and fax numbers
  • an e-mail address
  • Web site addresses (URLs)
  • home and office addresses

You also have the opportunity to specify how AAOS can use the information you provide. For example, even though you may include both a home and an office address, you must designate one as your primary address. This is the address that AAOS will use for all mailings. If you only have one address on file, it automatically becomes your primary address.

You may also specify whether the AAOS can publish your office address, phone and fax numbers, and Web site on the AAOS Web site’s Find an Orthopaedist public membership directory. Be confident, however, that the AAOS will never publish your home phone, home fax, or cell phone numbers, or your e-mail address in the Find an Orthopaedist directory.

Current status information
The other sections (My Membership Information, My Meetings, and My Subscription Information) show the current status of your AAOS membership, any upcoming meetings you have registered for, and any subscriptions that you have purchased.

When you register for the AAOS Annual Meeting, you’ll be able to return to the My Account page to add or purchase additional session tickets by clicking the plus sign (+) in the My Meetings section.

Keeping track
The left-hand section of the My Account page includes the following features:

  • At-a-glance views of your balance due and shopping cart—The Balance Due box displays any amount that you currently owe to the AAOS; the amount due can be quickly paid by clicking the link. Your Shopping Cart lists the total number of items that you currently have stored in your personal Web site shopping cart; simply click the link to get a list of the items, delete any from your cart that you no longer want, or pay for them.
  • AAOS Member Page—Access a full page of members-only services and applications, so you can manage your subscriptions to electronic newsletters, begin to build your own Web site, or access your continuing medical education (CME) transcript, the placement service, online blogs, the disclosure database, and the Committee Application Program.
  • My Orders—Quickly find orders you’ve placed with the AAOS; options include limiting your search to only open orders and specifying a timeframe for purchases.
  • Change Password—Although your username must remain your AAOS member number, you can change your AAOS member Web site login password whenever you want.
  • Edit Preferences—Update your credentials (such as MD, DO, FRCS, MBA) and designate your birthday. Birthday information is for demographic purposes only.
  • Your Demographics—For your personal physician Web site (OrthoDoc), you can specify anatomic, age, and treatment specialties, as well as foreign language skills. Information recorded here is automatically imported into your OrthoDoc Web site.
  • Course Registration—Register for courses, maintain transcript information, view Maintenance of Certification information, file Webinar evaluations, and participate in a discussion group on CME courses with this direct link to the AAOS course calendar.

Log in to your My Account page today to see how this new member portal can enhance your interaction with the Academy. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the member services group at member@aaos.org

Heidi Schmalz is the AAOS senior manager, member and customer relations. She can be reached at schmalz@aaos.org