Published 12/1/2010
Donna Siwek

Do you qualify for an AAOS Achievement Award?

Submit activities now to be recognized at 2011 Annual Meeting

At the 2010 AAOS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, more than 250 AAOS members proudly wore Achievement Award ribbons. At the 2011 Annual Meeting in San Diego, you can expect to see many more ribbons—and you may qualify for one yourself.

The Achievement Award Program encourages and celebrates active volunteer involvement by AAOS members. Established in 2009 to recognize volunteers’ participation in both AAOS programs and elsewhere in orthopaedics, the Achievement Award is the Academy’s way of saying “Thanks” for the many contributions you make to education, research, and advocacy in orthopaedics.

How to participate in this program
Documentation of activities is the key to the program. The AAOS has records of your volunteer activity for the past 5 years, but you can also submit your volunteer activities with other organizations (2006–2010). The program recognizes three levels of participation: Achievement Award, Senior Achievement Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is attainable after many years of volunteer service.

Your volunteer activities and dedication help the AAOS and your specialty, state, and regional orthopaedic societies thrive. Whether you’ve been a volunteer for years or are just entering the field, the AAOS wants to know about your activities and honor you. Academy members who reach certain levels of volunteerism receive an award certificate as well as a ribbon for their Annual Meeting badge to note their level of participation in organized orthopaedics.

Additional details about this program can be found at www.aaos.org/achievementaward (password protected)

If you have any questions about submitting your non-AAOS activities or need more information about this program, please contact Lois Costabile at costabile@aaos.org or me.

Donna Siwek is manager, CME administration. She can be reached at siwek@aaos.org