Published 1/1/2010

What’s your diagnosis?

Beginning this month, AAOS Now introduces a new feature, “What’s your diagnosis?” Every other month, we will publish a series of images, challenging readers to diagnose the condition depicted. In alternate months, we’ll publish the responses we receive.

The images for this month’s challenge were submitted by Stephen A. Albanese, MD, a member of the AAOS Now editorial board and professor and chief of orthopaedic surgery at Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, N.Y. Dr. Albanese provides the following patient information:

Radiograph (A) and magnetic resonance images (B and C) of a 10-year-old boy complaining of pain in the left hip. The pain was triggered by a minor trauma that occurred 12 days prior to the taking of the images; it had resolved completely within a week after the images were taken.

“The radiograph and magnetic resonance images are of a 10-year-old boy who was seen in the office. The patient said he had been experiencing pain in his left hip since a minor trauma that occurred 12 days before the appointment. The pain completely resolved within a week after the images were taken, and the patient remains asymptomatic.”

What’s your diagnosis? E-mail your decision and rationale to aaoscomm@aaos.org by Jan. 20 for inclusion in the next issue.