Published 1/1/2010
Mary Ann Porucznik

A new look for AAOS Now

Take a close look at this issue of AAOS Now and you’ll notice that it’s a little different. Perhaps the most obvious change is a slightly smaller page size, although the magazine still has a tabloid format.

The “Reimbursement & Regulation” section has been renamed “Advocacy.” This not only reflects the broader role that the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is taking, but also aligns with the Academy’s council structure. Now you’ll know exactly where to look for information on AAOS activities on your behalf on both a federal and state level.

The meetings and course listings calendar also has a new look, with a new design for each of the specialty sections.

Less obvious, but no less significant, are the “green” changes that have been implemented in the printing of AAOS Now. The paper has been changed to a lighter weight, recycled sheet. This recycled paper is produced at a paper mill certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The mill also is certified for Chain of Custody and Fiber Sourcing by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). Chain-of-custody certification is a tool used to track wood fiber from a certified forest, providing a link between certified forestlands and certified products. Through SFI’s chain-of-custody certification, a company can accurately identify the percentage of certified and/or recycled content in a product.

The smaller page size helps reduce the overall amount of paper used in the production of AAOS Now, and the heavier paper stock that was used for the cover has been eliminated.

These changes will reduce the carbon footprint, but not compromise the overall print quality of AAOS Now.

Mary Ann Porucznik is managing editor of AAOS Now. She can be reached at porucznik@aaos.org