Published 7/1/2010
Sharon Johnson

OREF awards CDP fellowship grants

With support from 12 industry partners, the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) awarded 252 grants totaling $7.1 million for 2010–2011 through its Clinician Development Program (CDP). The list of grant recipients is available at www.oref.org/grantrecipients

Given to support fellowship studies in eight practice categories, 115 fellowship grants totaling $6.5 million dollars were awarded. Fellowship grants were awarded in the following categories: adult reconstruction (29 grants), foot and ankle (6), hand (3), oncology (2), shoulder and elbow (10), spine (43), sports medicine (14), and trauma (8).

A total of 129 residency enhancement grants totaling $436,250 were awarded to 70 programs in three categories—in support of guest speakers, resident scholarships, and special initiatives.

To date for 2010, OREF has awarded 11 continuing medical education (CME) grants totaling $180,000, all for programs addressing hip and knee arthroplasty. Up to $300,000 in additional CME grants for 2010 programs with a focus on osteoarthritis or pain management will be awarded this summer.

Sharon Johnson is vice president, communications, for OREF. She can be reached at johnson@oref.org