Published 7/1/2010
Richard N. Peterson, JD

Members endorse ballot measures

Nearly one-quarter of fellowship cast ballots

For the first time in several years, the number of AAOS fellows casting ballots on resolutions, bylaws, and Standards of Professionalism (SOPs) increased slightly. Voters were overwhelmingly supportive of all issues on the ballot and continue to strongly endorse the AAOS Professional Compliance Program and SOPs.

Fellows were asked to vote on retaining (and modifying) three Academy and two Association resolutions under the 5-year review process. A new Association resolution was proposed and adopted. In addition, three groups of bylaws amendments and revisions to the SOPs on Orthopaedic Expert Opinion and Testimony were put to the fellowship.

At the time of the 2010 balloting, the AAOS had 22,378 active, emeritus, and inactive fellows eligible to vote. Ballots and information on voting were delivered by fax and mail and fellows were also able to review issues and vote on the AAOS Web site.

Votes were tallied by AAOS research department staff. All valid online and fax submissions received prior to midnight on May 13 were included. Mailed ballots that were postmarked by May 12 and received by noon on May 18 were also included.

Response statistics
A total of 5,420 valid ballots were received, for a 24 percent response rate. A minimum 20 percent of the fellowship is required for balloting to be legitimate.

The “all yes” option was selected by 69 percent of respondents, while the remainder voted on items individually. No measure received less than a 94 percent approval rate (Table 1). Measures concerning the Professional Compliance Program and the SOPs received support from more than 98 percent of those voting. In addition, the bylaw amendments moving up the election and decision-making process of the AAOS Nominating Committee were approved, along with the creation of a project team to survey the fellowship regarding the election of AAOS officers and others.

Richard N. Peterson, JD, is the AAOS general counsel. He can be reached at peterson@aaos.org