Published 7/1/2010

Industry News

JBJS to publish biweekly

Beginning this month, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS) will be published twice a month, on the first and third Wednesdays. The number of pages each month for original scientific research will remain the same. In addition, electronic JBJS resources will be expanded significantly. Sections such as the Orthopaedic Forum and Topics in Training will have an introductory page in the print edition with the remainder of the text online. Also being introduced is JBJS Express—articles published online first.

Depuy Mitek launches new instability shoulder system
DePuy Mitek, Inc., has launched the Bristow-Latarjet Instability Shoulder System, the first instrument set specifically designed to be used in both open and arthroscopic Latarjet or Bristow procedures.

Bristow and Latarjet procedures are used to treat recurrent shoulder instability caused by bone loss or soft-tissue damage. They involve transferring the coracoid graft and the conjoint tendon to the bone-deficient glenoid to create a stable bone-block and prevent further joint dislocation. DePuy Mitek’s instrument set features the Coracoid Drill Guide to help create the optimal location for drill holes into the coracoid graft and the Coracoid Positioning Cannula that holds the graft for more precise positioning of the bone block. It also offers a screw and top hat implant system for more controlled fixation and compression of the coracoid on the glenoid.

DePuy Mitek will soon begin offering educational and training opportunities for interested surgeons. For more information, visit www.depuymitek.com.

Depuy Spine launches new instrument set for scoliosis correction surgery
DePuy Spine, Inc., has launched the Expedium® Vertebral Body Derotation (VBD) Set to help surgeons correct spinal alignment and decrease rib rotation in patients with scoliosis. The new instrumentation features an extension to pedicle screws that reportedly attaches quickly and securely to facilitate three-dimensional spine correction. The instruments in the Expedium VBD Set give surgeons the ability to link and manipulate multiple vertebral bodies at once for efficient En-Bloc or Segmental derotation maneuvers.

According to the company, the flexible design of the Expedium VBD Set accommodates each surgeon’s preferred derotation technique as well as the specific scoliosis characteristics of each patient. The instrumentation is also compatible with the VIPER® System for minimally invasive surgery, allowing surgeons to combine open and minimally invasive techniques, if desired. For more information, visit www.depuyspine.com

Touch Bionics unveils new i-LIMB Pulse
Touch Bionics
, developer of advanced upper-limb bionic technologies, has launched the i-LIMB Pulse, an all-new version of its i-LIMB Hand, a commercially available bionic hand. The i-LIMB Pulse is enhanced with pulsing grip strength, software-enabled grip patterns, and robust aluminium features for improved strength.

The i-LIMB Pulse has a range of automated features that allow various combinations of grip patterns and other digit postures to be activated by the user. Patterns like index point, precision pinch, lateral key grip, and three jaw chuck (tripod) can be activated in a single action by the user. BioSim, Touch Bionics’ new Bluetooth-enabled software, allows prosthetists and users (using MyBioSim) to select the features and control strategies that work best for them. For more information, visit www.touchbionics.com

Carex introduces water-resistant cast protectors
Carex Health Brands®, has introduced a new line of EZ Stretch™ Cast Protectors—one for the arm and one for the leg—designed to keep casts and bandages completely dry while showering or bathing.

Made of highly durable and water-resistant material that’s very difficult to rip or puncture, both new EZ Stretch™ Cast Protectors easily stretch over a cast or bandage and tightly self-seal around the arm or leg. The new Cast Protectors are latex-free, reusable, slide on conveniently with one hand, require no tape or special straps, and fit most adults and children.

For more information, visit www.carex.com or call (800) 328-2935.

HCPro debuts online patient safety resource
HCPro, Inc., a leader in assisting hospitals with meeting The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG), addressing CMS patient safety-related regulations, ensuring patient satisfaction, and improving the overall quality of health care, debuted its newest online resource, Patient Safety Monitor, at

Patient Safety Monitor provides information, analysis, and training on critical patient safety issues. It features the Patient Safety Crosswalk, a Web-based grid that organizes state, CMS, and Joint Commission requirements by topic. Instead of searching multiple sites and publications for competing regulatory information, users will be able to efficiently access the information they need in a comparative format with the Crosswalk.

Users are encouraged to take a free 7-day trial on the Web site, www.patientsafetymonitor.com

Introducing InVivoLink
InVivoLink, LLC (IVL) is a new Nashville (Tenn.)-based healthcare company whose mission is to improve medical implant procedure outcomes.

IVL provides hospitals, physicians, and medical device suppliers technology to improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes by capturing clinical and financial data before, during, and after implant surgeries. The technology currently is being used by physicians and implant distributors across four states.

Surgeons gain access to reports that describe patient flow, implant utilization per patient, schedule, and productivity. IVL’s tools also aggregate and categorize practice history and trends.

IVL maintains the data in de-identified form. For more information, visit www.invivolink.com