Published 7/1/2010
Addy Kujawa

Should you join the AAOE?

Now there’s a broader definition of “orthopaedic executives”

The American Association of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE) has always been a valuable resource for practice executives. Now it can be a resource for a broad range of orthopaedic executives—including AAOS members.

AAOE membership categories have been recently updated and expanded to include anyone in a management position in an orthopaedic practice. That means that orthopaedic surgeons, hospital administrators, executives, and managers of medical practices with an interest in adding to their knowledge of orthopaedic practice management can join, as can financial, billing, and coding staff for those same organizations.

Membership in the AAOE gives you access to a wealth of information—from templates, policies, and procedures, to instant access to practice administrators and their experience, skill, and knowledge.

A broad range of benefits
AAOE membership benefits can enhance your practice in a variety of ways. The annual benchmarking survey, for example, gives you the ability to compare your practice statistics with similar practices across the country, with yearly updates. The AAOE listserv provides real-time text interaction whenever you have a question or need advice. An online library provides documents, forms, and templates that you can customize for your practice.

The AAOE annual conference is the only meeting dedicated exclusively to orthopaedic practice management. And, if you’re hiring a practice executive, there’s no better source than the AAOE career center. Timely newsletters, mentoring programs, and a peer-to-peer directory are other benefits of membership.

“I have found the benefits of being an AAOE member greater than with any other organization,” says Sami Spencer, of Missoula, Mont.

“This practice would be hard pressed to find a more valuable resource for our office,” agrees Mary Eddy of Morgantown, W.Va. “The sharing of information via the listserv, conferences, peer contacts, and seminars make a wealth of information available that could never be contained in any book.”

Join now
Join now for a prorated rate of just $150. For more information, visit the AAOE Web site,
www.aaoe.net, call (800) 247-9699, or e-mail info@aaoe.net

Addy Kujawa is executive director of the AAOE. She can be reached at kujawa@aaoe.net