Published 6/1/2010
Jim Ogle

Special notice: No e-commerce July 1–12

Password-protected sections of AAOS Web site will be inaccessible

If you’ve been reading AAOS Now recently, you know that the AAOS will be upgrading its association management system in July to further improve the Academy’s secure credit card processing environment.

During the conversion period, from July 1–12, all password-protected sections of the AAOS Web site that involve e-commerce or database updates will be inaccessible. This includes product purchases, dues payments, course registrations, address changes, personal transcript additions, and similar activities.

AAOS members can still purchase products, pay dues, and register for courses by calling or e-mailing the customer service department. Representatives will take orders and process payments once the new system is operational.

The shift to the new system also means that each member’s Web site login account and password will change, affecting how you log into the “password-protected” areas of the AAOS Web site.

New login steps
On your first visit to the site after July 12, 2010,

  1. You must request a new password by first clicking the Request New Password link on the AAOS log-in screen.
  2. You must then enter your AAOS member identification (ID) number and your e-mail address. Your member ID number and e-mail address must match the information that the AAOS already has on file.

If everything matches, your new password will be e-mailed to you. If there’s a problem, you can always call AAOS member services at (847) 384-4258.

Once you’ve received your new password, you can then return to the log-in page, and use it to log into the site. You will then be able to change your assigned password to one of your choosing (if you want), but your user name will remain your AAOS member ID.

Once the new system is operational, it will be announced in AAOS Now and AAOS Headline News Now, as well as on the AAOS Web site.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me (ogle@aaos.org; 847-384-4280).

Jim Ogle is director of information services for the AAOS.