Published 10/1/2010

Disclosure reminder

Review and update your AAOS disclosure information

Recent media attention on disclosure and transparency by orthopaedic surgeons makes it more important than ever before for AAOS members to participate in the AAOS disclosure database.

The disclosure program has two primary purposes:

  • Streamlining the disclosure process for orthopaedic surgeons and others involved in organizational governance and all formats of continuing medical education (CME), and authors who are required to disclose conflicts
  • Increasing transparency throughout AAOS by making this disclosure program available to AAOS members and the public

If you’ve already entered data on conflicts of interest, now is the time to review and update the information. If you are not currently in the database, take a few minutes to visit the Web site and enter your information.

Mandatory participation
The AAOS Mandatory Disclosure Policy requires the disclosure program to be updated at least semiannually (April and October). Participation in the AAOS Orthopaedic Disclosure Program is required for all AAOS members/volunteers involved in the following activities:

  • as faculty for CME courses
  • as authors or contributors to publications
  • as orthopaedic volunteers involved in organizational governance
  • as participants in the development of clinical practice guidelines
  • as editors-in-chief or members of editorial boards

Annual Meeting Requirement
In addition, if you have been accepted as faculty for an instructional course and/or symposia or as a presenter and/or coauthor of a paper or poster for the 2011 Annual Meeting, you are required to disclose or update your disclosure information to continue as a participant for these educational programs at the Annual Meeting.

The AAOS Orthopaedic Disclosure Program can be accessed online at www.aaos.org/disclosure

It is recommended that participants note any changes to the AAOS Orthopaedic Disclosure Program as soon as possible after they occur. Participants are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their information.

Additional details about disclosure can be found on the AAOS Web site; questions can be sent to disclosure@aaos.org