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Published 4/1/2011

Contemporary orthopaedic practice—ICL 60

It isn’t about theory. It’s about what’s happening right now in leading orthopaedic practices.

Instructional Course Lectures (ICL), Volume 60, released this spring by the AAOS, brings you the freshest clinically relevant thinking in orthopaedics today straight from the 2010 AAOS Annual Meeting.

Learn from today’s masters
This new compilation of courses covers major topics areas such as trauma, adult reconstruction hip and knee, and sports medicine. It includes expanded sections on orthopaedic medicine and the practice of orthopaedics. The 49 chapters are written by 125 leaders in their fields. In one volume, you get authoritative, detailed, and up-to-date expertise in orthopaedic surgery.

“These lectures are often presented as ‘how to do it’ courses. They’re expert opinions from practicing orthopaedic surgeons, which gives a more practical vantage than a standard text with abridged articles,” he said ICL 60 Editor, Kenneth A. Egol, MD.

New sections on orthopaedic medicine and the practice of orthopaedics provide insights on orthopaedic areas outside the surgical suite, including infection prevention, prophylactic antibiotics, biomechanics, expert witness issues, and more. “They enable orthopaedic surgeons to explore topics of interest that may not be covered elsewhere,” says Dr. Egol.

For generalist and specialist orthopaedic surgeons alike, ICL 60 provides access to the latest practical knowledge in orthopaedic surgery. According to Dr. Egol, the practicality of the ICL series is clear.

“When you’re dealing with a procedure that you don’t usually perform, or come across a condition that you don’t treat frequently, these chapters offer you excellent insights,” he said.

New edition, new features
The new ICL 60 is the first volume to include full-color images and video cross references within the chapters, enhancing readability.

With a new cover design and a DVD supplement enclosed on the inside cover of the text, ICL 60 is a departure from the past decade. An online version of the book is available only to subscribers to the Instructional Course Lectures series, although individual chapters can be purchased through the Academy’s OrthoPortal Web site.

The DVD supplement includes nearly 4 hours of full-screen, narrated, step-by-step demonstration videos, often provided by authors of the equivalent ICL chapters themselves.

Learn from the masters
Put into your practice what today’s leading experts do in theirs. ICL 60 lets you get into their heads, see through their eyes, and hear their voices of experience.

ICL 60 is available for $175 to AAOS members ($235 for nonmembers and $130 for residents). To order a copy or subscribe to the annual series, call AAOS Customer Service at (800)626-6726, or visit the AAOS online store at www.aaos.org/ICL60