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John J. Callaghan, MD; Dr. Lech (SBOT president), and AAOS President Daniel J. Berry, MD, at the International Breakfast in San Diego.


Published 8/1/2011
Kim Stafford

SBOT to honor AAOS

Brazilian orthopaedic society welcomes AAOS as “Guest Nation” in 2011

For nearly 15 years, the AAOS and the Sociedade Brasileira de Ortopedia e Traumatologia (SBOT) have had a strong relationship, and many individual orthopaedic surgeons from both countries have developed friendly ties. That relationship and those friendships will be celebrated later this year, when the American orthopaedic community—represented by the AAOS—will be honored as “Guest Nation” during the SBOT Annual Congress (CBOT), just as the AAOS honored Brazil during the 2009 Annual Meeting.

The two orthopaedic associations held their first official joint education program in Rio de Janeiro in 1997. Approximately 1,800 Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons participated in an Orthopaedic Review Course conducted with AAOS faculty.

Since then, AAOS-SBOT cooperative ventures have included the translation of the Journal of the AAOS and a number of Academy books and materials into Portuguese, annual AAOS Annual Meeting Highlight Programs, a joint international symposium during the 2009 AAOS Annual Meeting on “The Management of Basic Spine Problems,” and instructional course presentations by AAOS leaders at CBOT.

As Jesse B. Jupiter, MD, chair of the AAOS International Committee, noted, “The AAOS has had a very long and wonderful relationship with the SBOT.” According to Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, AAOS past president, “Orthopaedic surgeons in Brazil should be very proud of the innovative care they provide to their patients.”

The feeling is mutual. “SBOT and AAOS have a long history of friendship and commitment because both societies seek the same principles—best education in orthopaedics, ethics, and patient care,” explained Dr. Osvandré Lech, SBOT president.

International members
During the 2008 CBOT, the AAOS exhibit attracted nearly 1,000 physician visitors, and by the meeting’s end, 400 Brazilian orthopaedists had become international affiliate members of the AAOS, doubling the number of members from Brazil in just 3 days. Brazilian orthopaedists comprise the largest contingent of AAOS international affiliate members, numbering more than 750 fellows. On average, 400 Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons attend the AAOS Annual Meeting each year.

The invitation to AAOS to be the Guest Nation during the 2011 CBOT meeting in São Paulo is another example of the ties between the two organizations. “Brazil has a long and much admired tradition in orthopaedics and traumatology, and we are delighted to be their Guest Nation and to have this opportunity to continue and expand our mutual academic and social interests,” said Dr. Jupiter. AAOS Past President John J. Callaghan, MD; David C. Templeman, MD; and John W. Sperling, MD, MBA, will serve as faculty.

According to Dr. Lech, “We are happy to celebrate AAOS as Guest Nation at the 43rd SBOT Annual Meeting in São Paulo this November. We invite all AAOS members to join us and be a part of it.” To find out more about the 2011 CBOT in São Paulo and to register, visit www.cbot2011.br

Kim Stafford, international education programs coordinator, can be reached at stafford@aaos.org

AAOS Guest Nation Program
Established in 2005, the AAOS Guest Nation Program recognizes the contributions and achievements of the global orthopaedic community. Each year, during the AAOS Annual Meeting, a series of activities focuses on the achievements of the guest nation, as well as the issues confronting the practice of orthopaedics and patient care in that country.

About SBOT
The Sociedade Brasileira de Ortopedia e Traumatologia (SBOT, www.sbot.org.br) was established 76 years ago as the first orthopaedic organization in Latin America. The first orthopaedic national meeting took place in 1936. The SBOT journal, Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia, has been published since 1939, and today, SBOT has more than 10,000 members. Each of the 27 Brazilian state orthopaedic societies connect to SBOT, which promotes health and safety through its public education programs focusing on issues such as safety belt usage by back seat riders, safe driving practices, safe swimming practices, trauma principles for rural doctors, and celebrating Carnaval without trauma.