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According to Chad Price, MD, Annual Meeting chair, not only will the meeting boast the same level of superb educational programming attendees have come to expect, it will also include some new features and highlights—plus a rousing speech by fiery former football coach Lou Holtz—that are sure to make San Diego a stellar Annual Meeting.


Published 1/1/2011
Jennie McKee

Get the most from the 2011 AAOS Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Chair previews highlights

Anyone who has attended an AAOS Annual Meeting expects exceptional educational programming, and the volunteers working on the 2011 Annual Meeting in San Diego promise a wealth of innovative and interactive educational opportunities.

Chad Price, MD

More on Tuesday
“I’m very excited about this year’s meeting,” said Dr. Price, who also served as the 2010 Annual Meeting committee chair. “Even more will be offered on Tuesday for the practicing orthopaedic surgeon at all levels when the 2011 Annual Meeting begins on Feb. 15.”

He noted that two popular symposia on practice management—one for residents and one for practicing orthopaedic surgeons—will be available, as will a coding course for residents.

“We will also have a free course, ‘Introduction to Maintenance of Certification™ (MOC),’ that will be of great interest,” he said. “Shep Hurwitz, MD, executive director of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, is running that course. He’ll answer questions about MOC, discuss specific test-taking skills, and help attendees understand MOC requirements.”

Dr. Price singled out two Tuesday instructional courses—how to do a revision total hip arthroplasty and debates on contemporary issues in total knee replacement—and two symposia—“Can platelet-rich plasma (PRP) really improve connective tissue healing?” and “Operative fixation of pediatric hand and upper extremity fractures”—as especially intriguing.

“PRP is a new and innovative method for connective tissue healing,” said Dr. Price. “Participants will learn about PRP and how variations in its preparation can affect outcomes. They will also learn about indications for use, applications, and the science behind PRP.”

In addition, he said, “the course on operative fixation of upper extremity fractures is going to be very interactive, with case discussions and some real pearls for surgical management of upper extremity fractures.”

The AAOS and the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) will pre-sent two combined symposia—one on new frontiers in cartilage imaging and the other on translating research to practice.

“We work with the ORS to make sure the basic science and the evidence behind what we do is clearly transmitted to the Academy members,” said Dr. Price. “These fundamentals really form the basis of the future of orthopaedic advancements.”

Other highlights and new features
There will be a “great balance and scope of offerings” throughout the meeting, said Dr. Price, noting that topic areas covered will range from adult reconstruction to pediatrics, trauma, and more.

“The Multimedia Education Center has an enormous number of surgical videos this year,” he said. The Resource and Job Placement Centers will be open to attendees throughout the meeting, along with the Electronic Skills Pavilion, which showcases current technology products and applications developed for orthopaedic surgeons.

“The whole experience is going to be more interactive because there will be more discussions and case presentations,” he said, noting that ‘Ask an Expert’ sessions, which will be held in the exhibit hall, are new for 2011.

“During these sessions, attendees will be able to present difficult cases to experts,” he added. Audience participation will be encouraged.

Another change, said Dr. Price, is that the Opening Ceremony has been streamlined.

“The welcome address for the Class of 2011 will be given at the New Members Luncheon on Wednesday, Feb. 16, instead of during the Opening Ceremony. The invited speaker, Dr. Larry Dorr, is a great humanitarian and noted joint reconstruction surgeon,” he said. (See “Lawrence D. Dorr, MD, to speak at New Members’ Luncheon.”)

Another not-to-be missed event, said Dr. Price, will be the Ceremonial Meeting on Thursday, Feb. 17. AAOS First Vice President Daniel J. Berry, MD, and Second Vice President John R. Tongue, MD, will address attendees, and the Diversity, Humanitarian, and William W. Tipton Jr, MD, awards will be presented. In addition, legendary football coach, ESPN commentator, best-selling author, and motivational speaker Lou Holtz will speak.

“Lou Holtz is going to give an amazing speech, as he always does,” said Dr. Price. “I think he will be a fun addition to the Annual Meeting.”

A great convention city
According to Dr. Price, San Diego is an ideal city to host the Annual Meeting.

“The convention center is in a great location,” he said, “with several hotels within walking distance and plenty to do after the sessions.”

“The U.S. military is coming out full force in San Diego to show our physicians what orthopaedics is like in the Navy,” he added.

“The U.S. Navy is going to set up a forward surgical hospital on-site to show how trauma is managed in the field in Iraq,” he said. Attendees can also opt to visit the USS Midway and Maritime Museums and take a ship tour.

“The Miramar Marine Corps Air Station base is hosting some tours, with a flight line demonstration of some of the fanciest jets you can imagine,” he noted. “There’s going to be something for everyone at the 2011 Annual Meeting.”

As always, the AAOS 2011 Annual Meeting will include hundreds of excellent educational opportunities, including symposia, papers and posters, instructional courses, scientific exhibits, technical exhibits, and a full day of Specialty Day programming. For more information, visit

Jennie McKee is a staff writer for AAOS Now. She can be reached at

Use the “Wizard” to build your Annual Meeting schedule
Keeping track of all the educational offerings at the Annual Meeting can be challenging. Dr. Price recommends using the AAOS 2011 Annual Meeting CME Wizard, an online tool that automatically matches an individual’s interests to the most relevant and appropriate Annual Meeting educational programs.

“The tool allows you to identify the sessions that are important to you so can manage your time well and get the most out of the Annual Meeting,” said Dr. Price.