Published 6/1/2011

In Memoriam

Salvatore D. Barranco, MD
February 2011
Blacksburg, Va.

Leonard E. Burton, MD
Reston, Va.

Jack C. Childers Jr., MD
April 29, 2011
Lutherville, MD

Rodney W. Cranston, MD
Nov. 5, 2009
Allendale, N.J.

Jerome J. Gilden, MD
Aug. 11, 2010
St. Louis, Mo.

William A. Halligan, MD
Great Meadows, N.J.

Paul C. Kingsley, MD
April 18, 2009
Corrales, N.M.

Edward L. Mahon, MD
Weimar, Texas

Paul R. Manske, MD
April 20, 2011
St. Louis, Mo.

Edgar L. Ralston, MD
Haverford, Pa.

Eskild A. Reinhold, MD
March 2011
Moreno Valley, Calif.

S. Fulton Tompkins, MD
Oct. 22, 2010
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Milton Wohl, MD
April 2010
Schaumburg, Ill.

Milo A. Youel, MD
San Diego, Calif.

Remembering Paul Manske, MD
According to St. Louis Today, April 29, 2011, “Paul Manske could make a thumb. He could make an arm, too. But he was known for his thumbs.”

Dr. Manske treated children born with a missing finger or other congenital hand abnormality, and in making a finger into a thumb for a child who had none, he changed the lives of thousands. The former head of orthopaedic surgery at Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Manske died April 20, 2011, at age 72.