Published 3/1/2011
Sharon Johnson

New AAOS Education Enhancement Fund

The Annual Meeting in San Diego marked the formal launch of the new AAOS Education Enhancement Fund, established to enhance surgeon education and, by extension, patient care. An offshoot of the expanded partnership between AAOS and the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF), the fund attracted more than $120,000 in contributions prior to Annual Meeting.

“We’re very encouraged by the enthusiasm this new effort has stirred, and by the generosity of the early contributors to the fund,” said 2010 AAOS President John J. Callaghan, MD. “More than 90 percent of early donors have given at the Founding Member level of $2,500 or more.”

Sustaining AAOS leadership in education
The AAOS Education Enhancement Fund was established in December 2010 as a way to continue the Academy’s tradition of leadership in surgeon education. The goal is to create an ongoing source of support for existing and new surgeon education programs to ensure they remain effective, engaging, and accessible to AAOS members.

As the fund grows, the plan calls for a range of initiatives designed to add depth and dimension to Academy educational programs. For example, all AAOS members will benefit from the development of performance improvement modules for incorporation in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program and expanded MOC resources. The fund will also facilitate the addition of educational outreach programs, such as scholarships for residents to attend Academy courses.

“Education is the foundation of everything we do for our patients. I am where I am today because of opportunities made possible by people before me,” said Naomi Shields, MD. “The AAOS is orthopaedic education, and this fund gives me the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams.”

“We were very pleased with the response to the new fund at the Annual Meeting,” said Mark W. Wieting, AAOS chief education officer. “Our theme is ‘Help build the future of AAOS education.’ We know that educational methodologies are changing, and we need to stay at the forefront of orthopaedic education. Our Council on Education and the Board of Directors have discussed new ways to bring knowledge to our members, which will require investments in new technologies and new approaches.

This fund will help us do that.”

Watch for a mailing for the fund in late March, or go online to contribute now—and add your name to the list of Founding Members, or contribute at any level—at www.oref.org/aaos-education

Sharon Johnson, vice president, communications for OREF, may be reached at johnson@oref.org

A list of Founding Members (through Feb. 22, 2011) can be found on p. 20.