John Froelich, MD


Published 5/1/2011

New Health Policy Fellows selected

The Washington Health Policy Fellow (WHPF) Selection Committee, composed of members of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Council on Advocacy, recently selected John Froelich, MD, and Roshan Shah, MD, JD, to serve as the 2011–2012 Washington Health Policy Fellows.

John Froelich, MD
Dr. Froelich is a PGY-5 resident at Southern Illinois University and will be doing a hand fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He is currently serving on the Government Affairs Council for the Illinois State Medical Society.

“I am fortunate to have just recently been selected for the WHPF program,” said Dr. Froelich. “In the coming year, I hope to work on projects aimed at evaluating patient access to orthopaedic care as well as continuing the important work of previous Health Policy Fellows in updating Academy members on pertinent federal health policy issues.

“Advocacy is an avenue to serve patients beyond the walls of the clinic or operating room,” he continued, “and as physicians we have a unique opportunity to serve our patients in both realms.”

Dr. Froelich is interested in conducting research to examine the quality of recent patient encounters, particularly in rural areas.

Roshan Shah, MD, JD
Dr. Shah is a PGY-4 resident at the University of Pennsylvania and is considering a fellowship in hip and knee replacement surgery. He attended the Yale School of Medicine while also pursuing a law degree at Stanford University Law School. He is the recipient of a grant from the Orthopaedic Trauma Association titled “The Effect of Low Magnitude Mechanical Signals on Tibial Shaft Fracture Healing.”

Dr. Shah will focus his project interests on the evolving and sometimes unclear relationship between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and physicians regarding medical decision-making.

John Froelich, MD
Roshan Shah, MD, JD

About the WHPF
Established in 2003, the WHPF program is designed to assist in the development of the advocacy leaders of tomorrow. The WHPF program provides an outstanding opportunity for exceptional senior orthopaedic residents and fellows-in-training with an interest in healthcare policy to take part in and understand the health policy processes at the federal level. The program funds up to two orthopaedic residents per year and provides them the opportunity to work in the legislative and regulatory arenas during a 12-month period.

The program seeks to foster the development of a new generation of advocates who are interested in policy-relevant topics of long-range importance and who are willing to become key members of a volunteer network built around such topics. It offers orthopaedic residents the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the health policy process and to contribute to the development of new policies and programs.

Through interaction with senior AAOS management, work on various staff projects, and participation in the development and implementation of a cohesive healthcare policy strategy, Health Policy Fellows develop a strong foundation toward becoming leaders in a challenging and exciting healthcare environment.

WHPFs may choose to work in legislative and/or regulatory arenas. WHPFs participate in lobbying efforts such as Research Capitol Hill Days and the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference; they also produce a publishable paper during their fellowship year. Additionally, WHPFs participate in meetings of relevance to their selected area of focus. The AAOS office of government relations works with the selected applicants to design a flexible program that meets the fellow’s needs, interests, and schedule.

The AAOS has received significant interest from residents wishing to assist with different advocacy efforts. The Council on Advocacy is currently assessing other avenues for resident involvement.

For more information about the program, visit the AAOS office of government relations Web site or contact Jeanie Kennedy, AAOS manager of regulatory and government affairs, at (202) 546-4430 or jkennedy@aaos.org

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