Published 5/1/2011

Executive Director of the Year: Alan Skipper

(From left) David Teuscher, MD; AAOS President Daniel J. Berry, MD; NCOA Executive Director Alan Skipper; and BOC State Orthopaedic Societies Committee Chair David C. Markel, MD.

Although he is a “part-time” executive director of the North Carolina Orthopaedic Association (NCOA), Alan Skipper was instrumental in turning a “small, disorganized, financially starving group into a vibrant, growing, and active organization,” according to NCOA President William de Araujo, MD. For those efforts, Mr. Skipper was presented with the Executive Director of the Year award during the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference last month.

“Mr. Skipper works diligently with the executive committee, keeping us up-to-speed with membership information, Academy information, and legislative issues at the state and national level,” said Dr. de Araujo. “He helps tremendously with our annual meetings.” Membership in the NCOA has increased from 255 to 399 over the past 5 years—approximately 60 percent of all practicing orthopaedists in the state.

In supporting the nomination, Edward G. Lilly III, MD, of Blue Ridge Bone & Joint Orthopaedic Specialists, noted that under the leadership of Mr. Skipper, the NCOA has made a dramatic turnaround.

“It is through these efforts that the state society is able to act in the interest of its members and be more effective in terms of issues—such as physician reimbursement, certificates of need, and physician-directed physical therapy—affecting all orthopaedic surgeons practicing in our state,” said Dr. Lilly.