Published 11/1/2011

Pat on the back…

  • James H. Beaty, MD, recipient of the Most Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Tennessee Medical School.
  • Barbara D. Boyan, PhD, recipient of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration grant to promote the development and availability of medical devices for children.
  • Darryl D. D’Lima, MD, PhD, recipient of the Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons (ABJS) Nicolas Andry Award. Coauthors: Clifford W. Colwell Jr, MD; Shantanu Patil, MD; and Nicolai Steklov, BS.
  • Denis S. Drummond, MD, and Ronald L. DeWald, MD, recipients of the Scoliosis Research Society’s 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.  
  • Mark E. Easley, MD, recipient of the ABJS Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research (CORR) Subspecialty Award.
  • Franklin K. Gettys, MD, recipient of the ABJS Marshall Urist Resident Clinician Scientist Grant, awarded through the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation.
  • James D. Heckman, MD, recipient of the 2011 American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) Distinguished Contributions to Orthopaedics Award, which recognizes an AOA member’s personal achievement and broad contribution to the orthopaedic specialty. The award emphasizes the important contributions of key individuals in effectively confronting issues or challenges in the profession. Dr. Heckman is a former president of the AAOS and editor emeritus of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery—American (JBJS).
  • Ryan M. Nunley, MD, recipient of the ABJS Marshall Urist Young Investigator Award. Coauthors: Katherine M. Bedigrew, MD; Erin L. Ruh, MS; Qin Zhang, MS; John C. Clohisy, MD; and Robert L. Barrack, MD.
  • Russell F. Warren, MD, recipient of the 2011 AOA Distinguished Clinician Educator Award, which recognizes an AOA member as an exceptional orthopaedic clinician educator. The award emphasizes the critical role that clinician educators play within academic health centers, where state-of-the-art educational programs demand faculty time devoted to training medical students, graduate students, residents, and other health professionals.