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Published 10/1/2011

Industry News

FDA approves ceramic-on-metal implant for THR
The PINNACLE® CoMplete® Acetabular Hip System (
A) from DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., is a ceramic-on-metal artificial total hip replacement (THR) system. According to the manufacturer, the durability, stability, and enhanced low-wear characteristics of the CoMplete system provide orthopaedic surgeons with a new bearing combination option for THR patients with severe osteoarthritis.

For more information, visit www.depuy.com

Posterior stabilized knee replacement
The Apex Posterior Stabilized (PS) Knee (
B) for total knee replacement (TKR) is the latest addition to OMNIlife Science, Inc.’s Apex Knee product family. The Apex PS Knee maintains the key design elements of the existing Apex Cruciate Retaining (CR) Knee, but also offers the post and cam system that surgeons who utilize a posterior stabilized knee replacement reportedly prefer. The manufacturer states that the design allows for up to 30 additional degrees of uninterrupted patella track, which potentially reduces the problem known as patella “clunk.” In addition, a single-step reaming process is designed to enable the surgeon to seamlessly transition intraoperatively from a CR Knee to a PS Knee.

For more information, visit www.omnils.com

Oral anticoagulant approved for DVT prophylaxis
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that the once-daily oral anticoagulant XARELTO® (rivaroxaban tablets) has been FDA-approved for use as a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis in patients undergoing THR or TKR. XARELTO® works by blocking the blood-clotting factor Xa, thereby reducing the tendency of the blood to form clots. It is approved for use at a 10 mg dose, administered once daily for 35 days following THR and for 12 days following TKR.

For more information, visit www.XARELTOhcp.com

Hip surgery positioning peg
The Expand-A-Peg Locking Peg (
C) is a new hip surgery positioning peg from Innovative Medical Products (IMP) that reportedly will not wobble or dislodge from the pegboard hole. A twist of the locking mechanism’s cap expands the base of the peg while it’s in the pegboard hole, securing it. The Expand-A-Peg is available in 8-, 9-, 12-, and 14-inch lengths and is compatible with IMP’s modular MorphBoard® Positioning System as well as most other pegboard systems.

For more information, visit www.impmedical.com

Meniscal repair system
CrossFix® II Meniscal Repair System (
D) from Cayenne Medical is a second-generation device for the treatment of traumatic meniscal tears. The enhanced system now includes sharper, stiffer suture delivery needles, and improved suture strength. The CrossFix® II platform is said to offer a unique minimally invasive, all-suture meniscal repair that reduces the risk of chondral injury. Its “all-inside” technique uses suture delivery needles, available in both curved and straight designs, inserted through a single incision to gain access to multiple tear sites from the inside surface of the meniscus.

For more information, visit www.cayennemedical.com

Customized TKR solution
TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions from DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., is a surgical instrumentation and computer software system designed to aid implant positioning and enhance procedure efficiency during TKR surgery. The system has been FDA-cleared for use with DePuy’s SIGMA® Fixed-Bearing Knee System.

TRUMATCH Solutions use computed tomography scans and computer software to guide the development and production of femoral and tibial cutting blocks that are individually prepared to match the actual bone surfaces of each patient. According to DePuy, TKR surgeries using TRUMATCH require less instrumentation and eliminate up to nine surgical steps compared to TKR surgeries performed without the system.

For more information, visit www.depuy.com

Ankle fusion device
The recently FDA-cleared DynaNail Intramedullary Ankle Fusion Nail from MedShape Solutions, Inc., is intended for tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis procedures. The device uses shape memory alloy technology to actively adapt to changes, such as local bone resorption, in the arthrodesis site. Once the DynaNail is fixed in place with screws, the shape memory alloy element maintains the target fusion bones in close apposition and under sustained compression for longer time periods compared to static, nonadaptive intramedullary devices, according to MedShape.

For more information, visit www.medshape.com

Remote-control limb-lengthening device
Ellipse Technologies, Inc.’s PRECICE limb-lengthening device uses noninvasive adjustable intramedullary rods or bone plates in limb-lengthening procedures of the femur and tibia. Compared to adjustable external fixation systems that are attached to the leg bone through long-term openings in the skin, PRECICE is an internal implant adjusted to lengthen the leg bones via noninvasive methods. This approach also significantly reduces the potential for complications during the healing and recuperation period, according to the manufacturer.

For more information, visit www.ellipse-tech.com

Minimally invasive, knotless flexor tendon repair system
The PONTiS Knotless Endotendonous Repair System from Core Essence Orthopaedics, Inc., is intended to enhance flexor tendon repair procedures. The surgeon-designed knotless system uses a minimally invasive approach to provide increased repair strength with decreased friction and reportedly helps patients achieve early and active motion.

For more information, visit www.ceortho.com

Surgical hemostat in preloaded applicator
HEMASORB Apply from ORTHOCON®, Inc. is a syringe-like applicator preloaded with HEMASORB® Absorbable Bone Hemostat Matrix. The device is designed to enable precise application of the hemostat to stop bone bleeding during surgical procedures and when treating traumatic injuries. Unlike bone waxes, HEMASORB features a putty-like consistency and does not require preparation. It is also absorbable, biocompatible, and water resistant, states the manufacturer.

For more information, visit www.orthocon.com