Published 4/1/2012
Kathie Niesen, CMP

AAOS Introduces Annual Meeting iPosters

Interactive display continues learning opportunities

Anyone who has ever attended the AAOS Annual Meeting recognizes what a valuable educational experience the Scientific Posters present. Displayed in specific orthopaedic categories, the posters present research results, study reports, and follow-up data from previous presentations.

Strolling up and down the aisles, attendees have the opportunity to review the research, talk to presenters, and take notes—but until this year, the experience has been limited to those actually present at the Annual Meeting. Thanks to a grant from the AAOS Education Enhancement Fund, the poster learning experience has been expanded and enriched online, with more than 250 iPosters available for viewing on your home or office personal computer.

“The iPosters are a fantastic addition to the Annual Meeting,” said Program Chair Michael J. Stuart, MD. “They add a unique post-meeting opportunity for AAOS members to view some exciting research projects.”

Rolling your cursor across the display highlights the title of each poster. Or, use the search or classification/collection navigation features to hone in on a specific area, such as spine or pediatrics. Clicking on the poster brings it up and enables you to zoom in to enhance reading.

The experience isn’t limited to viewing the posters; several presenters have recorded audio remarks to enhance and expand your understanding of the research. The presentations are approximately 6 minutes long and include additional information about the poster presentation.

An interactive feature is also available, enabling you to email the presenter with questions or comments and share the poster with colleagues. An online comments section lets you participate in a blog by posting and reading

With iPosters, the AAOS Annual Meeting experience extends far beyond the meeting itself. If you attended the meeting, but were unable to spend as much time as you wanted in the poster area, this is a valuable opportunity to continue learning at your own pace. If you couldn’t get to San Francisco, you can now get a taste of the experience by viewing the iPosters from your office or home. To view the iPosters and start your enhanced educational experience, visit http://aaos.posterview.com

Kathie Niesen, CMP, is the education manager in the AAOS convention & meeting services department.