On June 28, the AAOS launched the redesigned homepage for its website, www.aaos.org


Published 8/1/2012
Jennie McKee

AAOS Unveils New Website Homepage

The AAOS has launched a new www.aaos.org homepage design that puts the website’s most popular resources front and center.

“The new homepage reflects today’s industry standards and should make it easier for our members and the public to quickly navigate to the most heavily used sections of the site,” said James A. Ogle, director, AAOS information services and member & customer relations.

The homepage now features an increased font size for easier viewing, as well as a revamped organizational structure.

“The refined design reflects months of effort in benchmarking the old homepage against current standards,” said Mr. Ogle. “Member focus groups as well as the AAOS executive team reviewed the new design, which was further modified based on their input.”

“What’s New at AAOS?”
The top left column—“What’s New at AAOS?”—contains links to breaking news items and to other timely information. This section also includes links to important content, such as the Journal of the AAOS, the Learning Portfolio, the OrthoPortal, and the AAOS Annual Meeting, as well as to featured AAOS products, the AAOS store, and upcoming events of interest to AAOS members.

“News” and more
A shaded “News” section is in the middle of the homepage, with links to the latest AAOS press releases top stories from the most recent issue of AAOS Now, and social networking tools, including Twitter and Facebook.

Moving to the far right column, links under the heading of “You’re looking for…” cover the following topics:

  • CME Courses and Webinars
  • Examinations
  • Online Education & Publications
  • Maintenance of Certification™ (MOC™)
  • CME Transcripts
  • Pay Dues & Account Information
  • Disclosure Program
  • Physician Job Placement
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Practice Management Materials
  • Health Policy Activities and Initiatives
  • Calendar of Orthopaedic Events
  • AAOS Contacts

“Information for…,” another heading in the far right column, offers helpful links for users in the following categories: Members, Residents, International Orthopaedists, Patients, The Media, The Public, Board of Directors, Board of Councilors, and Board of Specialty Societies.

What has not changed?
Users will still find all the familiar menu options in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. In addition, logging in is still quick and easy; AAOS members can simply click on “AAOS log in” at the top right of the screen and enter their username and password.

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