Published 8/1/2012

Pat on the Back...

  • 2012–2013 members of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society board of directors: Lew C. Schon, MD, president; Steven L. Haddad, MD, president-elect; Bruce J. Sangeorzan, MD, vice-president; Mark E. Easley, MD, secretary; Jeffrey E. Johnson, MD, treasurer; Judith F. Baumhauer, MD, immediate past president; Keith L. Wapner, MD, past president; Bruce E. Cohen, MD; Sheldon S. Lin, MD; Eric M. Bluman, MD; and Jonathan T. Deland, MD, members-at-large.
  • New American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine (AOSSM) board members: Christopher D. Harner, MD, president; Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD, president-elect; Robert A. Arciero, MD, vice-president; Darren L. Johnson, MD, member-at-large over age 45; Jon K. Sekiya, MD, member-at-large under age 45.
  • New members of the American Orthopaedic Association executive committee: Terrance D. Peabody, MD, president; Scott D. Boden, MD, first president-elect; J. Lawrence Marsh, MD, second president-elect; William M. Ricci, MD, and Leesa M. Galatz, MD, delegates-at-large; Douglas R. Dirschl, MD, first past-president; Gary E. Friedlaender, MD, second past-president; David S. Ruch, MD, secretary; William N. Levine, MD, secretary-elect; Sanford E. Emery, MD, MBA, treasurer; Kevin P. Black, MD, academic leadership chair; Jeffrey C. Wang, MD, fellowship coordinating committee chair; Ken Yamaguchi, MD, membership committee chair; Regis J. O’Keefe, MD, PhD, critical issues committee chair.
  • 2012–2013 officers and directors of the Arthroscopy Association of North America: Nicholas A. Sgaglione, MD, president; J. W. Thomas Byrd, MD, first vice-president; William R. Beach, MD, second vice-president; Robert T. Burks, MD, secretary; Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD, treasurer; Richard L. Angelo, MD, immediate past-president; Felix H. Savoie, III, MD, past-president; and Brian J. Cole, MD; Larry D. Field, MD; Victor M. Ilizaliturri Jr, MD; Peter Jokl, MD; Louis F. McIntyre, MD; and Robert A. Pedowitz, MD, directors.
  • Frederick M. Azar, MD, named Physician of the Year by the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association.
  • William W. Brien, MD, elected to the 1st Century Bancshares Inc. board of directors.
  • Miguel E. Cabanela, MD; Pietro M. Tonino, MD; and Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, for their outstanding work during the past 4 years teaching and conducting surgery in Vietnam.
  • Michael S. Clarke, MD, recipient of the Missouri State Orthopaedic Association Distinguished Service Award.
  • Marilyn L. Fox, PhD, retiring director of the AAOS publications department, awarded honorary membership in the AAOS.
  • Andrew W. Gurman, MD, re-elected speaker of the American Medical Association House of Delegates.
  • Stanley L. James, MD, inducted into AOSSM Hall of Fame.
  • Joshua J. Jacobs, MD, recipient of the 2012 H.G. Willert Award from the North German Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Association.
  • Robert K. Henrichsen, MD, recipient of a lifetime achievement community healthcare award from Auburn, Calif.
  • Stefan Parent, MD, and David W. Polly Jr, MD, recipients of Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Prospective Clinical Research Grants in Spine Care.
  • Cecil H. Rorabeck, MD, recipient of the Order of Canada award, one of Canada’s highest civilian honors.
  • Vernon T. Tolo, MD, and Robert B. Winter, MD, recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Scoliosis Research Society.
  • Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the American Orthopaedic Association.