Published 12/1/2012

Orthopaedic Trivia Quiz

AAOS Now tests your knowledge of orthopaedic trivia. Take a minute and see how well you know your orthopaedic trivia—but don’t peek at the answers! An expanded explanation of the correct answers can be found below.

    1. Who would you pick for your basketball team, an individual with Morquio syndrome or Marfan syndrome?

    1. Morquio syndrome
    2. Marfan syndrome

    2. In what part of the body are the gemelli muscles located?

    1. Ankle
    2. Knee
    3. Hip
    4. Elbow
    5. Shoulder

Bonus question: “Gemelli” also is a kind of ______________________.

    3. Ligamentum flavum means ligament of what color?

    1. Blue
    2. Red
    3. Purple
    4. Yellow

Answers: 1—B; 2—C (Bonus—pasta); 3—D

B. Morquio syndrome is a form of dwarfism, while Marfan syndrome describes an individual who is very tall and slender and has long arms and legs.

C. The gemelli muscles are a pair of small muscles arising from the margins of the lesser sciatic notch and inserting into the tendon of the obturator internus.

D. The ligamenta flava are a series of ligaments of yellow elastic tissue that connect the laminae of adjacent vertebrae from the axis to the sacrum.