Published 12/1/2012

Pat on the Back

  • New officers and board members for the North American Spine Society (NASS): Charles A. Mick, MD, president; William C. Watters III, MD, first vice-president; Heidi Prather, DO, second vice-president; F. Todd Wetzel, MD, secretary; Christopher M. Bono, MD, treasurer; Michael H. Heggeness, MD, PhD, immediate past president; Daniel Resnick, MD; Charles A. Reitman, MD; Zoher Ghogawala, MD; William Mitchell, MD; Christopher Standaert, MD; Christopher P. Kauffman, MD,; John G. Finkenberg, MD; Jeffrey Wang, MD; Raj D. Rao, MD; David O’Brien, MD; Eeric Truumees, MD; Jerome Schofferman, MD; Mitchel B/ Harris, MD; David Rothman, PhD.
  • NASS 2012 Research Grant award winner: Thomas D. Cha, MD, MBA.
  • NASS 2012 Outstanding Paper Award winners: Pierce D. Nunley, MD; John D. Koerner, MD; Praveen Yalamanchili, MD; Saad Chaudhary, MD, MBA; Sheldon S. Lin, MD; Michael J. Vives, MD; Dan M. Spengler, MD; and Clinton J. Devin, MD.
  • Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash Honorees: John R. Tongue, MD; James Bicos, MD; William P. Didelot, MD; James P. Marvel Jr, MD; James A. Browne, MD; Lawrence S. Crossett, MD; Kurt P. Spindler, MD; Michael T. McCoy, MD; Terry A. Clyburn, MD; John W. Deppe, MD.
  • Edward V. Craig, MD, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arthritis Foundation, New York Chapter.
  • Judith F. Baumhauer, MD, MPH, recipient of an Athena Leadership Award.
  • Darren L. Johnson, MD, named Southeastern Conference Team Physician of the Year.
  • Ronald A. Navarro, MD, selected regional coordinating chief of orthopaedic surgery for Southern California Permanente Medical Group.
  • E. Anthony Rankin, MD, recipient of the first lifetime honorary membership in the Caribbean Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons.