Published 2/1/2012

Award Winners Announced

The following winners of the Kappa Delta Young Investigator Award, Ann Doner Vaughan Award, and Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award will be recognized during the 2012 AAOS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Young Investigator Award—Xudong Joshua Li, MD, PhD, of the University of Virginia, for his manuscript “GDF5 Modulation in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration”

Ann Doner Vaughan Award—Kurt P. Spindler, MD, with coauthors Richard D. Parker, MD; Jack T. Andrish, MD; Christopher C. Kaeding, MD; Rick W. Wright, MD; Robert G. Marx, MD, MSc; Eric C. McCarty, MD; Annunziato Amendola, MD; Warren R. Dunn, MD, MPH; Laura J. Huston, MS; and Frank E. Harrell Jr, PhD, for their manuscript “Prognosis and Predictors of ACL Reconstructions using the MOON Cohort: A Model for Comparative Effectiveness Studies”

Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award—Jay R. Lieberman, MD, of the University of Connecticut Health Center, for his manuscript “Regional Gene Therapy to Enhance Bone Repair”

Thomas D. Brown, PhD, and his coauthors Jacob M. Elkins, MS; Douglas R. Pedersen, PhD; and John J. Callaghan, MD, of the University of Iowa, will be honored with the 2012 Orthopaedic Research and Education Founcation Clinical Research Award for their work on “Impingement and Dislocation in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Mechanisms and Consequences.”