The Learning Portfolio’s homepage, shown here, contains links to many helpful resources as well as a menu of options on the left side of the screen for accessing the tool’s many features. PDF of image


Published 6/1/2012

Manage MOC with the Learning Portfolio

Online tool helps you track your progress

Looking for an effective way to track your progress online as you fulfill the requirements of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery’s (ABOS) Maintenance of Certification™ (MOC) process? Try the Learning Portfolio, a new member benefit from the Academy.

Based on your preferences, the Learning Portfolio helps you track CME credits earned through Academy programs, find a vast selection of educational courses and products offering CME credits, and receive alerts regarding your CME status. This online service can provide you with a customized, real-time picture of your progress as you pursue educational activities throughout your career, in 10-year cycles, to maintain your board certification.

Getting started

  • Visit to access the Learning Portfolio.
  • Log in with your AAOS username and password.
  • Choose “Start Managing Your MOC.”
  • Enter your ABOS certificate expiration year. (You may contact the ABOS at 919-929-7103 or visit the ABOS website at to verify your certificate’s expiration year.)
  • Select your areas of specialty, and personal interests outside your area(s) of specialty.
  • Indicate whether you would like to receive quarterly emails regarding your current status in the MOC process.
  • Click on “Submit My Preferences.”

After you complete these steps, the AAOS will send you an email to confirm that you are now signed up for the Learning Portfolio.

Using the Learning Portfolio

Now that you have customized the Learning Portfolio to your ABOS certificate expiration year, you can access the links that appear on the left side of the homepage. The menu of features is organized under the following headings: My CME Activities; MOC Resources; My Preferences; ABOS.

My CME Activities
By selecting the “My Claimed CME Credits” link, you can view the schedule of MOC requirements and deadlines based on your certificate’s expiration year. This page indicates your actual claimed CME credits recorded with the AAOS and whether you need to contact ABOS for a customized schedule.

The Learning Portfolio’s homepage, shown here, contains links to many helpful resources as well as a menu of options on the left side of the screen for accessing the tool’s many features. PDF of image
Under “My CME Credits,” the Learning Portfolio displays a 10-year MOC schedule customized to your certification expiration year, as shown in this sample. PDF of image

Select “My Unclaimed CME Credits” to claim any unclaimed AAOS CME credits. (Note that the Learning Portfolio will alert you if you have any unclaimed AAOS CME credits.) Choose “My CME Transcripts” to view and print your AAOS transcript.

You can also view, print, and update your non-AAOS CME transcript, as well as add any non-AAOS CME (such as CME credits earned through your hospital, specialty society, or state or regional societies) that is not automatically posted to your transcript.

MOC Resources
These links help you find offerings such as surgical skills courses and self-assessment tools that match your interests. You can sort the offerings by the number of credits offered or the activity title.

Other links can help you search for various MOC-related resources from the AAOS and general information about the MOC process.

My Preferences and ABOS
Use the links under the “My Preferences” heading to manage the preferences related to your specialty area(s), your board certification expiration year, and email alerts regarding your MOC status.

Finally, you can access the ABOS website by clicking on the link under “ABOS.”

Have questions?
If you have questions about the Learning Portfolio, contact the Academy’s member services department at or call 847-384-4259, Monday-Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., CST with questions.

As always, any questions about the MOC process itself should be directed to the ABOS. Visit the ABOS online at or call 919-929-7103.