Published 6/1/2012

Apply Now for the LFP

The Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) offers an exciting opportunity available to all AAOS fellows who are age 45 and younger as of Jan. 31, 2013. Participating in the program provides the following benefits:

  • Involvement in educational programs to enhance leadership skills
  • Learning how the AAOS is organized and functions
  • Connecting with a mentor—a senior Academy leader who volunteers to serve as an advisor and confidant to the fellow
  • Assignment to an AAOS committee upon completion of the program

The LFP application is now available online at www.aaos.org/lfp

Participation in the LFP is a year-long commitment with six mandatory meetings. Applicants should review the LFP schedule before completing the application form to ensure that they will be able to attend all meetings. The deadline for submitting an application as either a fellow or mentor is June 15, 2012. Questions should be directed to Kristen Erickson at 847-384-4343 or erickson@aaos.org