Published 3/1/2012

AAOS Group Purchasing Program Returns

The AAOS is proud to announce the return of a Group Purchasing Program, designed to reduce your practice costs and improve inventory management. The new and improved Group Purchasing Program by MedAssets was introduced at the 2012 AAOS Annual Meeting and is already making a difference for several practices.

Leverage the buying power of more than 90,000 physicians and other medical professionals already taking advantage of this program. It’s free to join and designed to help orthopaedic practices achieve significant cost savings.

MedAssets helps AAOS members achieve significant savings on supplies and equipment by accessing nationwide, long-term contracts with industry-leading suppliers. MedAssets’ comprehensive product portfolio includes clinical preference items as well as the following:

  • Medical and surgical supplies
  • Office supplies, copiers, furniture, computers, and accessories
  • Laboratory and radiology products
  • Major and minor medical equipment, including computed tomography and ultrasound
  • Office-based pharmaceuticals
  • Nonmedical supplies and services, such as forms and general supplies

The AAOS Group Purchasing Program by MedAssets enables participating practices to purchase high-quality products and services at lower costs, while maintaining high quality patient care.

Your key to uncovering savings opportunities is the MedAssets web-based eCatalog, CD-Quick®. The catalog provides real-time contract pricing for pharmaceutical and medical/surgical products. Practices can also eliminate ordering hassles and gain greater control over purchasing with inventory management software available through the group purchasing plan.

See what you can save
See how much you can save with the AAOS Group Purchasing Plan by MedAssets. If you submit a list of your top 25 items, MedAssets will perform a cost study and send you the data.

“During these challenging economic times, we must find ways to help our members by providing ways to reduce practice expenses,” said Thomas J. Grogan, MD, chair of the Practice Management Committee.

Joining the program is easy. Simply call Randy Walter at 573-331-8647 to request a participation agreement. For complete details visit www.aaos.org/advantage

The AAOS Member Advantage Program
The AAOS Member Advantage Program (www.aaos.org/advantage) provides you with practical, money-saving solutions for personal and professional stability—from discounts on medical, surgical, and front-office supplies, to revenue management and personal financial protection.

In addition to the group purchasing program through MedAssets, AAOS members now have access to high-quality individual insurance products at affordable group rates. Term life insurance, individual disability income insurance, and long-term care insurance are available. For complete details, call 866-678-0888, email aaos@aaosinsurance.com or visit www.aaosinsurance.com

The Revenue Management Program powered by Gateway EDI will help you reduce claim rejections and get paid faster. Plus, the program offers credit card processing at significantly discounted rates. For more information, contact Jerry Winkelman, AAOS’s dedicated Gateway EDI account representative, at 800-969-3666, ext. 1704, or email jwinkelmann@gatewayedi.com or visit www.gatewayedi.com/aaos