Published 3/1/2012
Michael F. Schafer, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeons Keep A Nation in Motion: One Patient at a Time

Help us identify patients to share their stories in our new 2012 national campaign

Our nation faces healthcare challenges that range from budget issues to an aging population. At this time, we as orthopaedic surgeons have an opportunity to show the nation that we bring value to the lives of millions of people every day. Each of us has a story to tell.

If you attended last month’s Annual Meeting, you likely heard Academy leadership introduce A Nation in Motion: One Patient at a Time. (See “CEO Introduces New Value Initiative.”)

The goals of the campaign are to deepen the understanding of the value that orthopaedic surgeons provide to the health and quality of life for Americans and to enhance the overall reputation of orthopaedic surgeons and orthopaedic care. Our key audiences include patients, the public, policymakers, and the media.

A Nation in Motion: One Patient at a Time will tell the stories of patients across the country whose lives have been saved and mobility restored by orthopaedic care. Our patient stories are inspiring. The care we provide helps save their lives and enables them to return to more mobile and productive lives. At the heart of this campaign is one simple sentence that we will ask every patient who shares his or her story to complete: “Because of my orthopaedic care, I can____________.”

Every member can participate
Every AAOS member is urged to participate in this campaign. We ask that you identify patients who would be willing to share their stories of restored motion, independence, productivity, and improved quality of life. We have a short timeframe to identify patients, so here is how you can help:

  1. Choose patients whose stories embody “A Nation in Motion: One Patient at a Time.”
  2. Invite them to submit their stories on the campaign website, www.anationinmotion.org, or alternatively, ask them for permission to use their stories and you or someone on your staff can submit them on their behalf.
  3. The submission deadline is March 22, 2012.

AAOS staff members will contact some of the patients to develop more comprehensive profiles. In April, the patient stories will be posted on the website and shared with the public and policymakers and in a national media outreach campaign.

In the coming months, we will continue to roll out other elements of the campaign for patients and policymakers, including a board game and a mobile app on the value of orthopaedic care. Throughout the year, we will continue to provide further campaign updates in AAOS Now, keeping all members informed about our progress.

Please visit anationinmotion.org today, and share your patient success stories. For more information about A Nation in Motion: One Patient at a Time, contact Sandra R. Gordon, AAOS director of public relations, at 847-384-4030 or gordon@aaos.org

Michael F. Schafer, MD, chairs the AAOS Communications Cabinet.