Published 5/1/2012
Lauren Pearson Riley

Ten Ways to Get Involved

Keeping a Nation in Motion depends on you

The new AAOS national public awareness campaign, A Nation in Motion: One Patient at a Time, delivers the message that orthopaedic surgeons provide the best value proposition in American medicine. AAOS members helped collect hundreds of inspiring stories that illustrate the work that orthopaedic surgeons do and the way orthopaedic patients have faced their injuries and conditions with dignity.

To keep this national campaign going and spread the word, here are 10 ways that your orthopaedic practice can get involved:

Website links
Add the campaign website,
www.anationinmotion.org, as a link on your practice website. Share the site with your patients, family, friends, and colleagues. Read the stories of more than 450 patients who are back to work and life because of their orthopaedic care.

Add stories
The AAOS is continuing to collect patient stories throughout this campaign. You can share your exceptional stories and invite your patients and staff to submit stories to the campaign website.

Play the game online
The board game A Nation in Motion can be played online. It’s a fun way to highlight the various orthopaedic scenarios that people of all ages can encounter throughout life. Share the website and the game with your colleagues, staff, friends, and family. Post it on your Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Get your own game board
You can order a copy of the board game A Nation in Motion for your office, home, or reception area. Call Pat Julitz in the AAOS public relations department at 847-384-4036 with your request. The game is free; a nominal shipping fee applies.

Post your stories online
Have a handful of patient stories you think can summarize the kind of value your care brings into your patients’ lives? If so, collect the stories and some photos of your patients and share these stories on your own website, as a tribute to your patients and their stories of success.

Record your stories
Do you recall a patient whose surgical outcome was such a success story that it has become the highlight of your career? If you do, tell it in general terms and share your YouTube video on the Academy’s YouTube A Nation in Motion playlist by emailing the URL to

Ask a friend to record you telling this story in 3 minutes or less. Identify yourself as an orthopaedic surgeon and state your practice location. Post the video on YouTube and let the AAOS know by sending a link to media@aaos.org

Any individual videos will be added to the campaign Playlist. Patient stories are the heart of this campaign—the more, the better!

Easy advocacy
Share a link to the website and game with leaders in your community. Work with your state orthopaedic society to determine which elected officials need to receive a copy of the educational board game. Copies are available on request from

You can mail the game to elected officials or deliver it personally. It’s a creative way to help local elected officials, state legislators, and others learn about the value of orthopaedics and the importance of keeping people moving and living pain free.

Or, host an open house at your office to connect with patients, local elected officials, and community leaders. Make sure to tell your guests about the value that access to orthopaedic care brings to your community, in both human and economic terms.

Be a spokesperson
www.aaos.org/prresources (under A Nation in Motion Member Campaign Tools) to find several templates, including a letter to the editor and a draft press release you can personalize. Send them to your local media, including policy and health reporters at radio and television stations and newspapers in your community. Talk about the value of orthopaedics and illustrate your points with one of your own patients’ inspiring stories.

Make your office a hub
You can download a design to make “A Nation in Motion” the screen saver on all computers in your office reception area or set the “A Nation in Motion” website (
www.anationinmotion.org) as the home page for all computers in reception areas to guide patients to the site. Download the screensaver from www.aaos.org/newsbureau

Keep this nation in motion
Your exceptional talent, training, and expertise are what this campaign is all about. The AAOS is working to tell your stories to patients and legislators, reporters and politicians. Read AAOS Now for more information on the campaign and visit the website (
www.anationinmotion.org) regularly.

Lauren Pearson Riley is manager, media relations, in the AAOS public relations department. She can be reached at pearson@aaos.org