J. David Blaha, MD, and William J. Maloney, MD, were among those who conducted poster tours during the AAOS 2012 Annual Meeting.


Published 5/1/2012
Kathie Niesen, CMP

Annual Meeting Poster Tours a Success

A major success,” “terrific,” and “worth repeating” were just some of the comments from attendees of the first AAOS Annual Meeting Poster Tours in San Francisco.

New for 2012, the Annual Meeting Program Committee created Poster Tours to enhance the poster exhibits experience by making them interactive. The tours were led by experts in a particular field who reviewed research highlights, answered questions from tour participants, and queried the presenters. For example, Dempsey S. Springfield, MD, pointed out the best aspects of a tumor poster and Paul Tornetta III, MD, questioned a presenter on how he developed the criteria for a trauma study.

Although the tours were limited to 25 people, they often started out with more and picked up steam as they went along, sometimes ending with more than 100 participants. By all accounts, the tours were a big hit.

“I think this feature was a major success; it seemed like rounds, but for posters,” said one participant. “The tours created a small group that facilitated discussion on a more direct and informal level, and the experts were terrific.”

“The poster tours exceeded my expectations—the experts were receptive and some of their comments provided for interesting discussions,” added another participant.

Steven L. Frick, MD, chair of the 2013 Central Program Committee agreed. “The poster tours were an overwhelming success and with confidence, I can say that they will be continued and improved upon for the 2013 Annual Meeting in Chicago.”

Kathie Niesen, CMP, is the education manager in the AAOS convention & meeting services department.