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Published 5/1/2012

In Memoriam

Robert G. Addison, MD
March 15, 2012

Donald G. Bliss, MD
Feb. 10, 2012
Bremerton, Wash.

James B. Brooks, MD
March 18, 2012
Owings Mills, Md.

James S. Broome, MD
March 24, 2012
Marion, Mass.

Frank W. Budd, MD
July 5, 2011
Duluth, Minn.

Paul K. F. Choi, MD
Sept. 6, 2011
Huntington Station, N.Y.

Michael G. Clarke, MD
Dec. 28, 2011
Beaufort, S.C.

John L. Doherty Jr, MD
Feb. 5, 2012
Needham, Mass.

Howard E. Fishel, MD
Jan. 11, 2011
Newberg, Ore.

Clayton R. Gabbert, MD
July 22, 2011
Ogden, Utah

Duane M. Kline Jr, MD
Nov. 27, 2011
Cheyenne, Wyo.

E. Reid McAuley, MD
Dec. 23, 2011
Jacksonville, Fla.

Hugh Carroll McLeod III, MD
Sept. 30, 2011
Marietta, Ga.

Herman M. Nachman, MD
Feb. 19, 2005
Richmond, Va.

Eugene A. Nutley, MD
Aug. 27, 2010
Santa Cruz, Calif.

Robert M. Palmer, MD
Dec. 26, 2010
Delaware, Ohio

Marcus D. Stephanides, MD
Aug. 26, 2011
Salisbury, Md.

Albert Willner, MD
Nov. 17, 2011
Coral Springs, Fla.