Published 8/1/2013
Kathie Niesen

Have You Visited iPosters Yet?

The 2013 AAOS Annual Meeting is long over—or is it? Did you know that you can continue to benefit from many of the educational aspects of the Annual Meeting throughout the entire year?

While you’re between surgeries, waiting to board a plane, or looking for something to read, why not consider visiting the iPosters® and the iScientific Exhibits from the 2013 Annual Meeting? You’ll find a link on the AAOS website and on the Orthoportal, or you can simply enter http://aaos.posterview.com into your browser.

The AAOS iPosters website enables visitors to review their choice of posters at their own pace and as often as they wish.
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Registration is free, and the site gives you access to more than 200 iPosters and more than 35 iScientific Exhibits from the 2013 Annual Meeting. Scroll over the display to see the title; click to view the complete poster; zoom in to get a closer look at radiographs, charts, and images.

But viewing the iPosters and iScientific Exhibits is just the beginning. For example, you can create a collection of research to assist you in your practice; you can correspond with the author and coauthors; you can even listen to an audio presentation of certain posters and exhibits.

Every orthopaedic specialty is represented, as are basic research, practice management studies, and more. You’re sure to find a topic that interests you—perhaps even something that can trigger a change in your practice or contribute to your own research.

“As a Scientific iPoster presenter at the 2013 Annual Meeting, I find the iPosters a significant value to Academy members,” says Henry B. Ellis Jr, MD, of Childrens Medical Sports Medicine Center in Plano, Texas. “I enjoy reading scientific posters from top to bottom and reviewing the research and findings of a presenter. However, this can be challenging with the number of posters submitted at the Annual Meeting. But the iPoster technology lets me revisit all 2013 Scientific iPosters throughout the year. With our busy schedules, I find the posterview site a tremendous educational benefit.”

“One of the most valuable educational benefits is the ability for AAOS members to view the 2013 iPosters online and dialog throughout the year on the AAOS posterview site,” agrees Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA, chair of the AAOS Council on Research and Quality. “Posters can be searched by poster number, author, title, classification, or session date. Members can see the entire poster, read the abstract, print out a PDF, and provide comments or submit questions. It gives members the opportunity to review posters at their own pace and as often as they wish at their own convenience.”

Courtesy of the AEEF
The iPosters are brought to you with the support of the AAOS Education Enhancement Fund (AEEF), which provided the additional funding needed for this innovative educational project.

The AEEF was established to assist the Academy with funds to stay on the cutting edge of orthopaedic education, new product development, innovative state-of-the-art technologies, and developing continuing medical education courses. Thanks to donations from AAOS members, this is just one of the exciting education improvements the AEEF makes available.

“I appreciate the AEEF’s support of the iPoster project, and would encourage AAOS members to contribute to the AEEF so orthopaedic surgeons can continue to benefit from groundbreaking educational projects like the iPosters,” says Brett Levine, MD, of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, in Chicago.

For more information about the AEEF, visit www.oref.org/aaos-education

Kathie Niesen is education manager in the AAOS department of convention & meeting services. She can be reached at niesen@aaos.org