Published 12/1/2013

Setting AAOS Now Straight

I read “Is PSI for TKA Ready for Prime Time?” (AAOS Now, October 2013) with interest. I agree that PSI is not ready for prime time but I disagree with the comment that computer-assisted surgery (CAS) is not used anymore. The many members of the International Society for Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS–International) would also disagree.

Active navigation, automation, or robotics, coupled with the precision and accuracy of CAS, are what’s driving technology today. Active navigation systems are excellent training tools for instructing other surgeons and residents on the proper performance of a total knee arthroplasty. With CAS, they can instantly see the results of their actions, their bone cuts, and their ligament and soft-tissue releases and understand the results of their technique and the consequences of their actions.

CAS TKA is still here and it’s better than ever! Its future is bright and will continue to improve how we perform all forms of knee arthroplasty, from unicompartmental to primary to revision. The computer, along with automation and mini-robotics, will continue to evolve and be a great tool for the orthopaedic surgeon, not just in TKA but also in osteotomy, hip surgery, bone tumor, and spine surgery; the applications are growing daily.
Jan A. Koenig, MD

Rockville Centre, N.Y.

Note: Dr. Koenig is a paid consultant and designing surgeon with royalties for OmniLife Science and a paid consultant for Medtronic.

“Extremist” speakers
I read the October 2013 AAOS Now with odd interest when I learned that Steve and Cokie Roberts were the invited speakers at the 2014 AAOS Annual Meeting. I not only question the choice, but find it offensive. Never have I read anything from the Robertses that seemed to be unbiased in any account whatsoever. It is great to see extremists like the Robertses squaring off with the Ann Coulters of the world, but that is where I place both of them. If you wish to have Steve and Cokie Roberts, you need an Ann Coulter.

I do not ask for right-wing speakers. I ask instead for neutral speakers that have nothing to do with the political foray. These two keep themselves in the political foray regularly and have no place in our meeting. Regrets to the Robertses. Let them spew their nonsense somewhere else.
Daniel J. D’Arco, MD

Pottsville, Pa.

Setting Now Straight
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