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Published 1/1/2013

Are You an Achievement Award Winner?

More than 500 AAOS members have received the AAOS Achievement Award since the program’s inception in 2009. This award recognizes the active volunteer involvement by Academy members both in AAOS programs and elsewhere in orthopaedics. The Achievement Award is the Academy’s way of saying “Thanks” for outstanding contributions to the profession of orthopaedic surgery.

How to participate
Documentation of activities is the key to the program. Members’ volunteer activities with the Academy have been recorded by the AAOS since 2005 from its database of management information. Members also have the opportunity to submit volunteer activities with other organizations. The following categories of service qualify for this award:

  • Teaching: in AAOS; specialty, state, and regional societies; and other national medical organizations. This includes being a moderator or presenter for instructional courses, chair, presenter, lab instructor, or moderator for CME courses; presenter, coauthor, discussant or moderator of a scientific paper session; and moderator or presenter of a symposium.
  • Publications and research: authoring, editing, or reviewing publications for the AAOS; specialty, state, and regional societies; and other national medical organizations. This includes participating in peer-reviewed orthopaedic journals as unpaid editor, author, or reviewer and conducting original research for the AAOS, for specialty, state, and regional societies, and for other national medical organizations.
  • Service and advocacy: This category includes participation on the AAOS Board of Directors, councils, committees, subcommittees, and project teams; on the Board of Councilors and Board of Specialty Societies; as a leadership fellow or mentor; on specialty society boards and committees, state society boards and committees, and regional society boards and committees; and on other national medical organizations’ boards and committees.

Members may claim one credit per year for their AAOS and non-AAOS volunteer activities in each of the areas (teaching, publications and research, and service and advocacy), for a maximum of three credits per year with volunteer service in each area.

Award Criteria
Criteria for award recognition is follows:

  • Achievement Award—recognizes individuals who have amassed 10 or more credits.
  • Senior Achievement Award—recognizes individuals who have amassed 30 or more credits.
  • Lifetime Achievement Honor Award—recognizes individuals who have amassed 60 or more credits; requires letters of support from three members.

Members will progress through the levels of recognition over a period of time, and the program will recognize people at higher levels for long-term commitments to orthopaedics. A credit may be claimed for each of the areas each year, but multiple activities in each area will count for only one credit in that area.

All Achievement Award recipients will be recognized on the AAOS Web site and named in the Annual Meeting Daily Edition AAOS Now. When a member attains each level, he or she will receive a congratulatory letter from the AAOS President and a certificate and ribbon noting the achievement level

It’s up to you
Your volunteer activities and dedication help the AAOS and your specialty, state, and regional orthopaedic societies thrive. Whether you are fairly new to the world of volunteerism or a seasoned veteran, the Academy wants you to know how much your efforts are appreciated. This well-deserved recognition may also encourage younger members to become involved in these activities as well.

For additional information about the program or to submit your non-AAOS volunteer activities, go to www.aaos.org/achievementaward (log-in required). Direct any questions about submitting activities or about the program to Donna Siwek at siwek@aaos.org