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Published 7/1/2013

Moving a “Fat Nation” Forward

As an orthopaedic surgeon, I have struggled with finding a politically correct way to discuss the problem of obesity with my patients. I always bring up the subject before elective surgery and recognize that my “technique” could use some improvement. Dr. Canale’s editorial (“A Fat Nation Needs to Be in Motion,” AAOS Now, May 2013) is so well written and so nonoffensive that I would like to give a copy to some of my patients who are obese.
Mark I. Golod, MD

San Jose, Calif.

I really appreciated Dr. Canale’s editorial in the May issue of AAOS Now. As an orthopaedist practicing in the “fittest” state in the country, I am amazed at the increasing size of patients here in Colorado. I trained with Dr. Snyder in California and call my practice sports medicine, but find more and more of my patients are far from active. The obesity epidemic is truly alarming.

We all know the simple, but not easy, solution to our obesity epidemic is to eat less and move more. This really is the only way to achieve a more healthy weight in the long run.
Michael S. Hewitt, MD

Denver, Colo.

Editor’s note: The Obesity Action Coalition has reached out to the AAOS with a variety of resources for healthcare professionals, including tips and techniques for discussing weight with patients. They can be reached online at www.obesityaction.org, via email at info@obesityaction.org, or by calling 800-717-3117.

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