Published 5/1/2013

OKOJ Issues to Focus on Obesity

The Impact of Obesity in Lower Extremity Joint Arthroplasty” will be the focus of two special upcoming issues of the Orthopaedic Knowledge Online Journal (OKOJ). The June issue will focus on the problem of obesity in the setting of total hip arthroplasty; a subsequent issue will be devoted to the impact of obesity in total knee arthroplasty.

According to the editors—William Jiranek, MD; Robert Pivec, MD; and Michael A. Mont, MD—increased body mass makes lower extremity total joint arthroplasty technically challenging. “Normal anatomic landmarks are hard to identify, direct visualization is made more difficult by excessive adipose tissue, and standard instrumentation often is not designed with the obese patient in mind,” they note.

Several recent initiatives spotlight the medical and surgical issues associated with obesity, including the 2013 AAOS Now Forum, “O3: Obesity, Orthopaedics, and Outcomes,” an educational initiative sponsored by the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, and several government-sponsored activities such as the “Let’s Move” campaign.

“The purpose of these two issues is to raise awareness of the clinical problems associated with the obese patient and to present evidence-based literature in a single, comprehensive issue to assist the surgeon in his or her clinical decision making and patient education,” said Dr. Jiranek. Surgical techniques and preoperative management of these patients will also be covered.

OKOJ is available through the OrthoPortal (www.orthoportal.org/oko).