Published 9/1/2013

Use the CAP

The AAOS Committee Appointment Program (CAP) is designed for members to view all AAOS Council/Cabinet and Committee openings and apply for positions of interest. Positions on Councils, Cabinets, Advisory Boards, and Committees, as well as volunteer liaison positions, are posted on the CAP website (www.aaos.org/cap) and advertised in AAOS Headline News Now and other vehicles.

“The most important factor is to apply for a position in your area(s) of interest and experience. This will help to maintain a high level of involvement in the committee’s activities, and allow your energy and enthusiasm to be best utilized,” advises Frederick M. Azar, MD, AAOS first vice-president and chairman of the CAP Committee.

The evaluation committees provide excellent opportunities for first-time or younger AAOS members to get involved, according to Dr. Azar. He cautions that committees require various time commitments and applicants should ensure that they can fulfill their roles while serving on the committee.

“Our goal is to involve as many new members in AAOS activities as possible each year. But because we always have more applicants than positions, we encourage members to reapply if they don’t get an appointment initially,” he said.