Published 8/1/2014

Groups Must Register for 2014 PQRS

Eligible professionals (EPs) who wish to participate in the 2014 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) program as a group practice can now register for the group practice reporting option (GPRO) at https://portal.cms.gov

The registration system is open until Sept. 30 for the 2014 PQRS program. Additional information about the 2014 GPRO registration is available on the CMS website.

Group practices participating in the GPRO that satisfactorily report data on PQRS measures during the 2014 reporting period (Jan. 1–Dec. 31) are eligible to earn the 0.5 percent incentive payment and will avoid the negative 2 percent 2016 PQRS payment adjustment. Group practices with 2 or more eligible professionals may register to participate in GPRO in the following ways:

  • Qualified PQRS registry
  • Directly from electronic health record (EHR) using certified EHR technology (CEHRT)
  • CEHRT via data submission vendor

A group with 25 or more eligible professionals can also participate in GPRO in the following ways:

  • Web interface (reporting Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems [CAHPS] for PQRS also required for groups of 100+)
  • CAHPS for PQRS via CMS-certified survey vendor (supplement to other PQRS reporting mechanisms)

Groups of physicians with 10 or more EPs that want to participate in the PQRS as a group must register for a PQRS group reporting mechanism in the Physician Value-PQRS Registration System.

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